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2014 Krishnamurti Summer Study-Intensive
& Retreat Program

in Ojai, California

Summer Study Program


The Timeless Mind:

From Separation to Wholeness

A 7-Day Full-Immersion, Inquiry-Based Program for Adults and College Students

Sunday, August 3 to Sunday, August 10, 2014
A Rare Opportunity to Study & Retreat in Krishnamurti’s Home in the Beautiful Ojai Valley


To apply for the program please fill out our Online Application Form.

We will contact you as soon as we receive your application
to answer any questions you may have about the program.

Once you have been accepted into the program,
please use the secure payment form to pay your deposit.

The Krishnamurti Study-Intensive & Retreat Program provides a rare opportunity for an immersive in-depth exploration into the teachings of J. Krishnamurti, within a atmosphere of encouragement, affection and support.

Areas of exploration that our program covers:

  • Impersonal listening
  • The nature of thought & image-making 
  • The effect of belief and conditioning on the mind
  • Becoming and psychological time
  • Looking at and division in the mind 
  • The illusion of separation and how it shapes perception
  • The relationship of fear and security
  • The flowering of insight 
  • Personal problems and the problem solver 
  • Meeting life beyond problems 
  • Aliveness and energy

Come join us for this unique, transformative residential Study-Intensive and Retreat program.

We offer an opportunity to enter into a shared exploration of J.Krishnamurti’s teachings with like-minded people from around the world. There will also be time for quiet walks and meditation. Krishnamurti’s living quarters in Pine Cottage are open as meditation rooms.

 The exquisite beauty of the Ojai valley offers us the perfect space in which to enter into this work together. Inquire with us in this beautiful, peaceful valley where Krishnamurti lived and taught. You will be surrounded by majestic mountains, lush orange and avocado groves, and colorful blooming flowers.



Kathy Franklin and Terry O'ConnorKathy Franklin and Terry O’Connor are psychotherapists who have found Krishnamurti’s teachings invaluable in their work.  They have hosted a monthly dialogue in their home for the past twenty-two years.  They have organized the annual Memorial Day Krishnamurti Dialogue and Gathering  in Maryland since it began in 1995.

"Dialogue is an unfolding flower that has brought beauty and depth to our lives.  Sitting with others in the spirit of inquiry we have discovered the relevance of Krishnamurti’s teachings in our daily lives.  In dialogue we look at the personal in the context of the universal and question the perceived limits of the personal.  In the mirror of relationship we see the self operating in the here and now.  In this honest and affectionate space the unknown may flower."



We are fully aware of the impersonal, institutional approach of most college educational experiences. For many college students there is also a great deal of confusion that arises as a result of the fragmented nature of treating different disciplines as “separate” islands of knowledge, and the insistence that learning is nothing more than memorization. In the Krishnamurti Study-Intensive Program, you will have the opportunity to go very deeply into the core questions that can lead us directly to find out for ourselves how the mind actually works, and what is preventing us from making a leap into another more wholistic dimension of awareness.



Retreat and study in peaceful, breathtakingly beautiful Ojai, California, amidst majestic mountains, lush orange and avocado groves, and wonderful hiking trails.

Registration: $40

Regular Tuition: $750

College Student Discounted Scholarship Tuition: $350
Scholarships must be approved. Students, please  contact us for further information.

Local commuter participants pay the Tuition of $750, which includes lunch and dinner.

Pepper Tree Retreat room fee: $575

Retreat fee includes breakfast; program fee includes lunch and dinner.
Note: The room price is subsidized.  The price listed is for shared rooms, and room allocation will be determined by the retreat staff.

We ask all participants to please pay the $40 Registration fee plus a 50% deposit on both the Tuition and the Pepper Tree Retreat fees, in order to hold their place in the program. The balance of payments is due one month before the program begins. The program fills on a First-to-Sign-Up basis.

Once you have been accepted into the program, you can pay your Deposits to hold your place in the program (Registration, plus half of your Tuition fee, and half of the Pepper Tree Retreat room fee) by submitting your credit card information via our Secure Payment Form. Please select the correct Tuition fee (Regular or Discounted College Student Scholarship), at the top of the form and also enter your name and contact information.


PROGRAM POLICIES for the Krishnamurti Study-Intensive & Retreat Programs

Registration and Payments: Participants are required to pay a non-refundable $40 Registration Fee, including a 50% Deposit of the Tuition Fee and the Pepper Tree Retreat room fee, to hold their place in the Program. The Tuition fee and the Pepper Tree Retreat room fee include all meals and program materials. The balance of all program fees is due one month before the program begins.

If the participant cancels their participation in the Program before 30 days, they get half of their Deposit back, excluding the Registration Fee. If a participant cancels after 30 days before the Program starts, they are obligated for the full Tuition and Registration Fee.

We recommend that every participant independently purchase trip-insurance from a number of carriers for around $80-$120 (www.insuremytrip.com), just in case the unlikely possibility arises that the Programs do not run, or that a participant must cancel for personal reasons.

Food: Delicious vegetarian food is served during the program. No meat is allowed at the Krishnamurti Education Center. We will make reasonable efforts to meet your dietary and other special needs. Please let us know in your application.

Transportation: We advise that you not make flight reservations until final confirmation of the program and your enrollment. If the program is cancelled for any reason, all course payments will be returned.

For further information, please contact us.