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Study Intensive Programs

This unique 8-day Study-Intensive Program is designed to provide an opportunity for a deeply immersive study of the life-changing teachings of J. Krishnamurti, within a nurturing atmosphere of encouragement, affection and support.
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Explorations into Freedom Intensives

At the end of his life, Krishnamurti pointed to pure impersonal ‘seeing’ and ‘listening’, "with that sense of intense aliveness", as the factor that could radically change our perception, that would allow us to experience what lies beyond our sense of limitation, personal suffering, conflict, so that we can glimpse the limitless energy and potential of what it actually means to be alive.
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Educating the Educator

Krishnamurti suggested that "education can be transformed only by educating the educator, and not merely creating a new pattern, a new system of action.  The intent of these programs for participants to question and make visible their assumptions about teaching and learning, and to start from scratch to practically design schools, classrooms, and other learning environments.  We engage in self-reflective and shared inquiry involving the close observation of school and classroom activities with hands-on and minds-on experiences of teaching and learning.
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Residential Student Program

A new initiative starting in 2012, the Residential Student program at KEC is an one year residential program aimed for young adults who after having finished High School or University want to explore the question “Who am I?” in a communal setting. This immersion program is for young adults from 18-30 years of age who have a strong interest in in the works of Krishnamurti.
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Theme Weekends

Theme Weekends are for people eager to inquire into fundamental questions in an atmosphere of togetherness and openness. These events are suitable for those already acquainted with the teachings as well as those fairly new to them. The playing of Krishnamurti video and/or audio recordings will be followed by open dialogue, which often has been found to be helpful in deepening one’s understanding of day-to-day issues. The Theme Weekends start on Friday at lunchtime and end after lunch on Sunday.
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Think On These Things

What happens to a person if you ask him/her questions that challenges the very perspective from which they look? Questions like: “What does fear do to your brain?” “Can you live your life comparing yourself to nobody?” We think that these questions have the possibility to stop the mind for a moment in its habitual movement and that this creates space to look afresh at who one is.  In this initiative, we are extending challenging questions to young adults and filming their response. We want to engage the viewer in these questions and create a community of explorers.  This includes an ongoing series of video explorations in which young people explore these questions and offer viewers the chance to explore with them; along with a one-week young persons program in Ojai, allowing participants to earnestly and playfully explore some fundamental questions of our lives.
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