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Krishnamurti Links

A collaborative effort of the Krishnamurti foundations worldwide created to be a central, authentic source of Krishnamurti's teachings online. A wide variety of audio, video and text of Krishnamurti's works are available to be viewed and/or downloaded.

An online community site that allows people interested in Krishnamurti to interact through blogging, posting videos/photos, and more.

A central Krishnamurti information network with a wide variety of resources, such as books (new & used), event listings, discussion forums, information on the teachings, etc. Kinfonet.org offers a large selection of hard to find Krishnamurti books.

Krishnamurti on Google Video
A selection of videos of Krishnamurti's talks, available to be viewed online.

Krishnamurti on CD Baby
Audio versions of Krishnamurti's talk available for purchase as CD or download as MP3.

Krishnamurti on LearnOutLoud.com
Downloadable versions of Krishnmurti audio CDs, available for purchase.

Krishnamurti on iTunes
If you have iTunes installed, search for "J. Krishnamurti" to find downloads. Click here to get iTunes.