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On studying his teachings, Krishnamurti said: “They [students] should study the teaching
thoroughly, soak in it deeply as you would do if you were to study medicine or Buddhism or any
other subject. Studying means to go deeply into the subtleties of the words used and their
contents and seeing the truths in them in relation to daily life. They should be able to discuss the
teaching with specialists in any branch of knowledge, as scholars do. While they are studying
these people should have a spirit of cooperation.”

The intern program at the Krishnamurti Educational Center is a unique opportunity in that it is a living and evolving community. The intention of the one-year program is above all, to allow for open exploration of all aspects of one's life, with the ongoing potential of gaining insight into the nature of one's life, the world, and the activity of human relationship.

This creates an interesting dynamic by challenging each of the participants to be an integral part of a living cohort. The framework of the program, its basic skeleton, is a working schedule that determines set times for various activities and other elements of every week. But in reality, the actual vitality of the program and its momentum throughout the year relies on the sincerity, care, and responsibility of each of the participants as they live and work together.

In a sense, ones living exploration is the program, and the program only exists through the shared intention of each of the participants. The environment at the KEC is ripe for the exploration of ones daily life, and is enhanced by the presence of others who are interested and engaged in such explorations. There is the possibility of exploring what it is to live and work together, what it is to be in relationship with each other with the opportunity to discover our potentials as fellow human beings.


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