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Program Structure
Intent of the Program


Program Structure

  • The Program is intended for young adults with a strong interest in Krishnamurti's teachings.
  • The Program runs for one year. Generally, the KEC requires a commitment for the full year, but for non-US citizens, we can accept applications for shorter stays. International applicants with proper visas are encouraged to apply. We are unfortunately not able to sponsor people through any work visa/permit process.

  • Depending on availability, applicants can be accepted throughout the year.

  • Individual study of Krishnamurti's work.  Each student chooses a topic for the year and uses that to focus their study. They present their study at the Annual May Gathering.

  • Regular study programs that focus on specific topics.

  • Engaging in dialogue with each other and with the many "scholars" who pass through the Krishnamurti Educational Center each year.

  • Residential students receive simple accommodations, food, and a small stipend ($200/month before taxes for students eligible to work in the USA). Work includes care for the grounds, administrative office tasks, and hospitality for retreat guests who visit the foundation.

  • This program tends to challenge people in various areas, which is not always comfortable, but is usually illuminating.  One of the intents of the program is to provide the space to explore as these moments arise.



Through the year, there are several educational programs designed exclusively for the residential students at the KEC. The approach to Krishnamurti’s work differs from program to program and depends on the background of the facilitator. Many times, the residential students will work directly with each facilitator to organize the programs, that way the interests of each of the participants is taken into consideration. This keeps the educational aspects of the residential student program fresh, since no two programs will ever be the same. There are dialogue intensive programs, which focus on collective inquiry-based engagements within the residential student community. And there are programs that are organized with a more academic style, which offer a comparative study of K’s teachings with various other realms of thought and/or research. Often there is some sort of project that is associated with each of the programs that each of the residential students is asked to engage with.

Each residential student is asked to participate in these programs, as well as at least two of the Theme Weekends which are programs offered to the public that are offered on a monthly basis.



For the 20 hours of work a week, residential students will take turns cooking lunches for themselves and the staff, and they will also be trained to work in two or more of the following areas for the entire duration of their year stay:

  • Online book sales/processing library sales

  • Pepper Tree Retreat – cleaning/breakfast
  • Landscaping/grounds & building/maintenance

  • Assisting in Publications

  • Data Entry

  • Miscellaneous Tasks

Residential students must be eligible to work in the U.S. to receive a stipend.  


The residential student sleeping quarters are very small, and most residential students will share a small room with one other person. There are many larger public spaces which the residential students are welcome to utilize, as well as the ample outdoor areas which are a part of the KEC, but their personal space is very limited.

If you'd like to see pictures of the accommodations, contact us.


More About the Intent of the Program

The residential student program at the Krishnamurti Educational Center is a unique opportunity in that it is a living and evolving community. The intention of the one-year program is above all, to allow for open exploration of all aspects of one's life, with the ongoing potential of gaining insight into the nature of one's life, the world, and the activity of human relationship.

This creates an interesting dynamic by challenging each of the participants to be an integral part of a living cohort. The framework of the program, its basic skeleton, is a working schedule that determines set times for various activities and other elements of every week. But in reality, the actual vitality of the program and its momentum throughout the year relies on the sincerity, care, and responsibility of each of the participants as they live and work together.

In a sense, ones living exploration is the program, and the program only exists through the shared intention of each of the participants. The environment at the KEC is ripe for the exploration of ones daily life, and is enhanced by the presence of others who are interested and engaged in such explorations. There is the possibility of exploring what it is to live and work together, what it is to be in relationship with each other with the opportunity to discover our potentials as fellow human beings.