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What is the mission of the foundation?

What is the mission of the Oak Grove School?

How many foundations are there?

Why not just one foundation?

Why are the teachings edited, if Krishnamurti didn’t want them altered?

Why is the Oak Grove School different than other schools?

Considering the ease of putting information on the web, why aren’t all the teachings free on the internet?

How do I find or start a dialogue/study group?

How much is the KFA’s annual budget?

Does the KFA have an endowment fund?



Krishnamurti left some instructions as to his wishes. His main priority was to disseminate the teachings, meaning to distribute them around the world as widely as possible. Secondly, he was emphatic that the teachings should be kept intact and uninterpreted. In other words, he didn’t want any commentary offered by “authorities” on his behalf.  He had a deep interest in education. The three major Krishnamurti foundations are responsible for the schools in Ojai, California; Brockwood Park, England; and six schools in India.

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The mission of Oak Grove School is to assist students in developing those qualities of mind, heart, and body that will enable them to function with excellence, care and responsibility in the modern world. In addition, it is the intention of the school to offer a place where the whole community can inquire together into the perennial questions of humankind and explore an approach to life that is whole, mindful and intelligent.

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There are five foundations: the Krishnamurti Foundation of America (KFA); the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust (KFT) in the United Kingdom; the Krishnamurti Foundation India (KFI) headquartered in Chennai; the Foundacion Krishnamurti Latinoamericano (FKL), headquartered in Spain, and the Krishnamurti Educational Centre (KECC), in Swanwick, Canada. There are trustees for each Foundation who oversee regional operations. They also meet as a group every year to eighteen months to discuss their mutual mission and collaborative projects.

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Krishnamurti traveled extensively throughout his life, and the formation of the Foundations was under his guidance. Their geographic locations were reflective of the publishing and dissemination operations that grew during the latter part of his life. Today, with the advent and power of the world-wide web, the Foundations increasingly collaborate in order to reach people around the world more effectively. 

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By editing, we don’t mean eliminating Krishnamurti’s material. But if you’ve ever read a court transcript, for instance, there are lots of repetitions by participants ― spaces of silence, um’s and ah’s ― that add nothing to the work but are highly distracting to the listener. Krishnamurti’s recorded talks have to be listened to word by word, then transcribed, and then verified by a third party, checking against the original. When dealing with recordings that may be more than 40 years old, the work is difficult and slow, and impossible to automate, with voice recognition software, for example. 

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Oak Grove School is a progressive co-educational day and boarding school serving students from preschool through college preparatory high school. We are located in beautiful Ojai, California, just north of Los Angeles, and since 1975 our unique approach to education has been a model for educators around the world. Our exceptional academic program is balanced with a rich array of extra-curricular opportunities in fine arts, digital arts, music, drama, environmental and outdoor education, athletics, community service, and travel. We strive to create A Climate for Inquiry, and as a community of learners we are dedicated to developing our minds, our bodies, and our hearts well throughThe Art of Living and Learning – these arts permeate everything we do at Oak Grove School. Students here become part of a caring community that fosters mindfulness, understanding, creative expression, and awareness of self, others, and the world.

As a private school with a public purpose, our highest purpose is to give you an education that will empower you to make a difference in the world. It’s an education that will challenge you to develop the 21st century skills you will need to greet the future. It’s an experience that will serve you for a lifetime. It’s the art of living and learning.

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Much of Krishnamurti’s work is free and downloadable through jkrishnamurti.org. This is a website that exists solely to share the teachings. It includes streaming audio and video, as well as text. Soon the website will be vastly expanded and the materials will be downloadable and searchable by key word, topic or chronology. The intent is to provide a free, authentic source of all of Krishnamurti’s work. However, the collection is so vast that it will take sometime before it is all available. Almost half the collection of the major foundations has never been published in any form. Putting it into readable, listenable or watchable form is neither simple nor without cost. In order for this massive project to come to completion, funds have to be continuously raised to migrate material from old and decaying analog formats to new digital media. Then content must be cleaned up, whether poor sound tracks, or the light editing that is needed to make text versions readable. Finally, the material has to go through a design process in whatever format is chosen, usually multiple formats. For example, a recorded talk might be reproduced in book form, then as an audio CD, and perhaps even as a DVD. Books are translated into many languages, and DVDs are subtitled, all of which must be done meticulously and verified.

Even with volunteer participation, the funding needed to accomplish all this is extensive. We are approaching a point where we can envision that all the preservation and preparation for publishing will eventually be done. But the ongoing work of translating, duplicating, disseminating in many forms will continue. The Foundations hope to grow an endowment that will pay for continuing preservation and dissemination in perpetuity. Until then, they will make more and more of Krishnamurti’s work available for no charge, while trying to balance their budgets and increase the momentum of their many projects.

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In the Local Dialogues section you can find a listing of local dialogue groups around the world, and also instructions on how to submit your own group to be posted on the site. If you're interested in starting your own group, click here to download the Introducing K to Others kit, which provides advice and resources to help you get a dialogue group going.

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To see a graphic of the KFA’s projected income and expenses for this fiscal year, click here (PDF).

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Up to this year, the KFA has had an investment fund, from which it annually draws down both interest and some principal. Generous gifts by past donors have given the KFA this sizeable cash reserve, which has allowed it to keep momentum with its mission to preserve and disseminate the teachings; and to provide the revolutionary education through Oak Grove School according to Krishnamurti’s intention. However, this cash reserve is slowly dwindling as the KFA spends the money to take advantage of opportunities for dissemination unknown in Krishnamurti’s day, primarily the internet.

In order to ensure a way for continued guardianship of the archival holdings, and a way to continuously expand how Krishnamurti’s work can be shared (through new foreign language translations, for example), the board of trustees this year initiated an endowment fund, alongside its current investment fund. Oak Grove School has a separate endowment, also supervised by the KFA’s board of trustees. Principal in the endowments will be inviolate and only the interest may be used towards KFA’s operations.

The KFA has set a goal of $25 million for its ongoing endowment campaign.  

This is the level that the trustees calculate will be needed to generate sufficient interest to support the following:

  1. Close the gap on annual operations of the KFA, including digitization of the complete teachings.
  2. Provide funds for the entire corpus of Krishnamurti’s work to be output not only through the internet for free, but also as a series of 75 volumes with companion CD-ROM (to be donated to various major universities, libraries and museums worldwide).
  3. Develop its free and downloadable internet library in more sophisticated ways so that it can be used easily by professionals in the fields of academia, mental health, philosophy, psychology, communications, global relations, to name just a few. A prototype expanded website will be available this way to the public at jkrishnamurti.org by mid to late 2008.
  4. Expansion of the University Student Summer Study Program, so that a greater number of college age adults can explore an immersion in Krishnamurti’s work and the dialogue process. The current program is offered for two-weeks in two locations this summer (Ojai and British Columbia). The KFA is undertaking the process of getting university accreditation for the program. Future plans include training facilitators so that the program can be offered in many different locations, perhaps world-wide.
  5. Expansion of the Teacher’s Academy, a residential intensive for educators who wish to study Krishnamurti’s materials on education and how to teach and relate to students without control methods based on competition and comparison. This program is currently offered for three weeks each summer in two locations (Ojai and British Columbia). The potential exists for this program to become a model for teacher re-education, sending program graduates back out into the world in a way that can have a direct influence on the national debate about education. Funds are needed to train program facilitators, and to provide mentorship as more groups are started.
  6. Strengthening Oak Grove School, both for fiscal sustainability and to improve the low rate of pay for faculty. Currently they are far below national averages for public school educators.
  7. Long term preservation of the KFA and Oak Grove School facilities, and particularly ongoing protection for the Oak Grove Preserve, where Krishnamurti gave many of his talks. He wished this to be looked after in perpetuity as a place where anyone could come to be at rest, to inquire within, and to be surrounded by nature.

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Do you have a question we haven’t answered?

Jaap Sluijter is the person to contact. You can reach him at 805-646-2726, X 18, or contact him by email here.

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