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Krishnamurti Educational Center
Ojai, California


Teacher Education Program
Re-envisioning Education, and the Craft of Teaching and Learning with Gopal Krishnamurthy
July 16 - 23
Monthly Video/Dialogue: Looking, Listening, and Shared Inquiry
with Eric Hassett
July 22, 6:00 to 10:00pm
Summer Study Intensive & Retreat: Education as a Religious Activity
with Scott Forbes
July 23 - 30


Yoga & Inquiry: Observation, Listening and Perception
with Rowan Lommel
August 18 - 20


In-Depth Study: Science and Consciousness
with Dan Kilpatrick
September 11 - 15


Explorations into Freedom Intensive: Death and Rebirth Beyond Time
with Richard Waxberg and Deborah Kerner
October 15 - 22
with Scott H. Forbes
July 23-30

This week-long program will attempt to delve deeply into the educational aspects of Krishnamurti's teachings.

Scott has worked in the field of Holistic Education for over 40 years. For twenty of those years, ten as principal, he taught at the Brockwood Park Krishnamurti Educational Center in England.

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