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Do think about this.
Chief Peak, Ojai
"Do think about this. When you are disciplined through fear, crushed by compulsion of society, dominated by what your parents or teachers say, there is for you no freedom, no joy, and all initiative is gone. The older the culture, the greater is the weight of tradition which disciplines you, tells you what you must and must not do; and so you are weighed down, psychologically flattened out as if a steam roller had gone over you. Do you understand? You don't revolt, explode, break away. Your parents don't want you to revolt, your teachers don't want you to break away, therefore your education is aimed at making you conform to the established pattern. Then you are not a complete human being, because fear gnaws at your heart; and as long as there is fear there is no joy, no creativity."

—J. Krishnamurti 
Think On These Things, Chapter 10. 

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By Troy Sumrall
How do limiting beliefs impact our creative potential?

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Ojai Winter Dialogue Retreat at Oak Grove School
The Wholeness of Relationship: Is Relationship a Living Thing?

Date changes for the May Gathering and the Summer Study Programs.

Krishnamurti"You know the great musicians, Beethoven, Bach and so on, it is from the known they act. And the writers, philosophers and so on, also have read, accumulated, developed their own style and so on, always moving, acting or writing from that which has been accumulated, known. And this we call, generally, creativity.

Now is that really creative? Please, let's talk about it. Or is there a different kind of creativity which is born out of the freedom from the known? You understand my question? Because when we paint, write, create a marvellous structure out of stone, it is the accumulative knowledge, whether in the scientific field or in the world of art, human art, there is always this sense of carrying from the past to the present. Or imagination, romantic, factual, moral and so on. Is there creativity that is something totally different from this activity that we call generally creativity?" 
                                        — J. Krishnamurti 
                                       Ojai 3rd Public Question & Answer Meeting
                                       13th May 1980

By Troy Sumrall

I Googled "creativity" today. There are 57,000,000 references (in just over a tenth of a second; Google is really quite amazing!).  Wikipedia begins its discussion with a definition: "creativity is a mental process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations between existing ideas or concepts."  Interestingly, it goes on to say later in the article, "Despite, or perhaps because of, the ambiguity and multi-dimensional nature of creativity, entire industries have been spawned from the pursuit of creative ideas, and the development of creativity techniques. This mysterious phenomenon, though undeniably important and constantly visible, seems to lie tantalizingly beyond the grasp of scientific investigation."

I thought it might be interesting for us to explore creativity in the next series of newsletters.

Krishnamurti, no surprise, had extraordinarily insightful things to say about creativity. And like all of his teachings, he made its discovery entirely dependant on each of us.

"When we don't accept or follow, but question, investigate, penetrate, there is an insight out of which comes creativity, joy."
— J. Krishnamurti, Think On These Things,
                                   Chapter 5, January 1, 1964

In The Biology of Art (Methuen, London, 1962) Desmond Morris presents his study of the picture-making behavior of the great apes and explores its relationship to human art. Morris's work is referenced in the book Science, Order and Creativity, (2nd Edition, David Bohm and F. David Peat, Routledge, 2000 and 2005) which also investigates the nature of creative potential.

Chimpanee PaintingAccording to Morris's research, both chimpanzees and very young children have an overwhelming interest in painting (on a canvas with a brush), and apply themselves, without external encouragement, to making recognizable patterns of color similar to those found in various forms of abstract art. In fact, the observed chimpanzees became so focused, they even demonstrated strongly diminished interest in food.  In Science, Order, and Creativity, Bohm notes that this seemingly natural creative potential seems to fade as humans get older, or drifts off into limited activities, such as science, music or painting. 

child_artThis diminishment, observed in human and chimpanzees alike, is interesting and provocative in and of itself. Morris's research sheds some possible light on the question of why the interest dwindles. The experimenters started rewarding the chimpanzees for producing their paintings. Here's the punch line, as described in the Bohm book. "Very soon their work began to degenerate until they produced the bare minimum that would satisfy the experimenter. A similar behavior can be observed in young children as they become ‘self conscious' of the kind of painting they believe they are ‘supposed' to do."

Bohm explores how these limiting beliefs arise in children, both from direct rewards, and from patterns of implicit rewards, such as praise, approval and conformity to what the children around them are doing. He draws an inference that bears reflection. He posits that the danger of "making creativity subservient to external goals," is that it can bring about violence, both internal and external. He goes on to suggest that creativity channeled or denied leads to intense frustration expressing itself as dissatisfaction and boredom on one end, to physical violence on the other. Yet we are very used to thinking of bounded and identifiable forms for the expression of creativity, such as the disciplines of music, art, poetry, etc., and that those must be taught in order for the creator to achieve their full potential. What then are we to make both of our aspirations to explore creative disciplines as an "outlet" for our creativity, and our unease with the subliminal sense that something is missing in our way of being, or has been bottled up. We speak of "unleashing" our creativity, and we are tentative as to whether we even have such a thing in the first place.

Krishnamurti is provocative on the topic of creativity.

"Creation doesn't ever demand expression. In the movement of that creativity the ‘I,' the 'me' that wishes to express itself in painting, in literature, in music, doesn't exist at all."
Second Public Talk Ojai, April 8, 1973

So, what do you say? How or when have your creative moments come about? Have you observed creativity flower in others? Is there a story you can share with us, an observation or comment? Please do, we love hearing from you. You can email me by clicking here.
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The work of spreading Krishnamurti's teachings goes on at a steady and increasing rate. It's encouraging to see that it is truly a global endeavor. Here are some brief descriptions of what's happening in our contracts with publishers in other parts of the world. Whole_earth
The first Book plus DVD bundle for Japan has been negotiated with Kosmos Library through their agency in Japan. It will feature the The Challenge of Change as a DVD (subtitled), and a transcript in book form in Japanese. This is the first time a Krishnamurti DVD will be marketed directly in the country.

This deal was facilitated by a trade visit by Krishnamurti Foundation staff to Japan and a presentation given in Tokyo, where we met with the translator who is working on the Japanese subtitles and the transcript. We visited bookstores in Tokyo, and saw that DVD/book bundles were just beginning to enter the Japanese market in the "Spirituality" shelves, contrary to information we had previously gotten about the market in Japan.

K Publications has worked with Kosmos Library on other titles for Japan, including the forthcoming Krishnamurti:100 Years.

The last two years have seen a resurgence of Krishnamurti publishing in Brazil. After an entire list of titles went out of print, we were able to form a new relationship with the publishing group Bestseller and their imprint Nova Era, one of the best houses in Brazil in terms of quality and distribution ability. Most recently, we have reached agreement on bringing out the full three volumes of Commentaries on Living with Nova Era. They have also published several titles for us in the last two years, including the new edition of What Are You Doing with Your Life? According to the Krishnamurti committee in Brazil, Nova Era is getting the books well-displayed in bookstores.

Speaking of which, we are in discussions with the Brazilian Krishnamurti committee to publish the 1985 Washington DC Talks, perhaps together with a DVD. Currently we are looking to find a publisher in Brazil for The Book of Life, The Awakening of Intelligence, and The Ending of Time, which are core titles that need to be in print there.

Works in English
For the last two years we have been working on finding distribution for English titles in different parts of the world. Over the last years' trade events at book fairs, we have made significant headway:

  • Agreement with a distributor in Australia to distribute Krishnamurti titles published by K Publications. The distribution agreement is for both Australia and New Zealand.
  • Initial draft contracts with a South African publisher / distributor for English titles in South Africa, and possible distribution into various parts of Africa.
  • Agreement in Tanzania with the Africa Learning Foundation to publish the English edition of Education and the Significance of Life.
  • We are in ongoing talks with potential publishers and distributors for South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The common mission of the Krishnamurti foundations is to preserve and disseminate the works of Krishnamurti. As you can see, Krishnamurti Publications has been busy on the dissemination side of our mission, while our archive and library here in Ojai has been equally busy on the preservation side. The financial support of our friends and donors enables the Krishnamurti Foundation of America to carry out its mission. Thank you for that support.
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By Jackie Saunders

THANKS to everybody that responded to our year-end appeal by extending financial help to the KFA and Oak Grove School. Your gifts, and the many notes of support we received, make a great difference to how we can go forward. Donations are still coming in, and every one of them will help us get closer to reaching our budget, and have the funds on hand to strengthen our programs and services.

As I've shared with the Krishnamurti community before, in a sense our mission will never be fulfilled. That's the conundrum Krishnamurti left for us - to reach as many people in the world as exertion and funds can carry us. So THANK YOU for your partnership.

For those of you who haven't had a chance in your busy lives to consider making either a renewed gift or a first time donation to the KFA, perhaps now is a calmer time to think about it. We still have far to go before reaching our break even point in this year's budget. If you can help, it is vastly appreciated. And you can make your gift online with either Visa or Mastercard on our secure site, by clicking HERE.

If you have been following the progress on saving and restoring the oak grove preserve, we are doing well. The recent California rainstorms have eased the drought conditions that brought the invasion of bark beetles. Saplings are planted and the core mature trees surviving are getting the help they need. Rain clouds are hanging over Ojai again today, but when the weather clears I'll include some photos in the next e-Newsletter.  Needless to say, THANK YOU to everyone who sent along the financial help we will need to complete this emergency project. It's working!

To make a gift to the KFA, you can go through our website at www.kfa.org, click on “Giving”. Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have questions about making contributions to the KFA.

Lastly, if you are thinking about trying to start a Krishnamurti Dialogue or Study Group, we have materials that may help get you going.  You can investigate by calling Troy Sumrall at 805-646-2726, X. 30.

With appreciation,
Jackie Saunders, Director of Development.  Email me by clicking HERE.
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Ojai Winter Dialogue 2008
Oak Grove School, February 15-18

The Wholeness of Relationship
 Is Relationship a Living Thing?                   

(Note: A discount of $25.00 is offered on all registrations received on or before February 5th.)

What, in daily life, is our relationship with each other and on what is it based? Is it based on knowledge and experience that breeds emotional and/or intellectual conclusions? Can it be based on memory that creates the image of you and me? Or perhaps our so-called relationship is based on mutual dependency and attachment?

"As we live daily, our relationship is a peculiar affair."
        — J. Krishnamurti, Brockwood Park, 1978

What seems to be ‘peculiar' about our relationship to life and to each other? What is the significance of relationship as it actually is? How do we approach the fact of relationship? Are we afraid to go into the fact and face it? Do we hug the status quo through fear, or through force of habit, or are we just dull human beings? Can we put aside our images and our fears and begin to look into this matter of relationship as a whole? Can we come together and begin to respond totally rather than partially? If indeed relationship is the whole structure of society then maybe it begins with what is our relationship now?

"As long as we are not thinking together there is no real relationship. When we think together conflict comes to an end. Thinking together, relationship undergoes a radical change." 
                           — J. Krishnamurti, Saanen, 1979

See you in February. ****************************************************************************
The beautiful campus of Oak Grove School will provide the venue for the Weekend Dialogue and Retreat. The event begins on Friday, Feb. 15th, at 6:30 PM with a Buffet Dinner in the high school library and ends Monday, Feb. 18th, at 3 PM.

When you register by check or credit card (Visa or MasterCard only, please) you will be sent material relevant to the topic along with directions and a list of local accommodations.

Ojai Winter Dialogue/Retreat Rates (per person):
Standard: $325; Senior (63+): $250; Student: $150
A discount of $25.00 on all rates is offered for those who register by Tuesday, February 5th.

Fees include: Vegetarian meals, dialogues, video showings, and a complimentary text of Krishnamurti's teachings. For further information, including registration, please call Diane White at (805) 646-2726, ext. 20 or email: dialogue@kfa.org
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Annual May Gathering
The dates for the May Gathering have been changed to:
May 10th and 11th, 2008
Ojai, California

SAVE THE DATES: This event is free for the public and takes place on the campus of Oak Grove School. Registration is not required. More information will be posted soon. The event comprises speakers, panel discussions, video and audio selections of Krishnamurti. Spend an early summer weekend with us and meet others who are interested in the teachings.

University Student Summer Study Program
June 25th through July 9th, 2008
Ojai, California
For more information, click

Teacher’s Academy
June 30th through July 19th, 2008
Swannick, British Columbia, Canada
Open to educators from around the world.  For more information, click

Adult Summer Dialogue Intensive
July 13th through 19th, 2008
Ojai, California
For more information, click

University Student Summer Study Program
July 24th through August 7th, 2008
Swannick, British Columbia, Canada
For more information, click

Teacher’s Academy
July 28th through August 15th, 2008
Ojai, California
Open to educators from around the world.  For more information, click

Adult Summer Dialogue Intensive
August 10th through August 16th, 2008
Swannick, British Columbia, Canada
For more information, click

Santa Sabina Dialogue Retreat
August 22nd to 24th, 2008

SAVE THE DATES for this unique opportunity to spend a peaceful weekend in the beautiful Santa Sabina Retreat, near San Francisco. As with other Dialogue Weekends, a specific topic initiates the dialogue process, which is augmented by video and/or audio of Krishnamurti.
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