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Annual Appeal - Please help sustain this work  
October 2015
Dear Friends,

As a non-profit charity, we rely on the collective goodwill of many who share the common intent of understanding the inner source of our human suffering, which is at the root of conflict and war. Twice a year we invite you to join others who see the importance of these teachings and their positive impact on the world at large by making a financial contribution to support this work.

Your generosity will ensure that Krishnamurti's words continue to reach as wide an audience as possible. It will also allow us to provide diverse opportunities for individuals to discover 'what is' and explore an approach to life that is sane, compassionate, and intelligent.

One of these opportunities is being held at the Krishnamurti Educational Center from November 8th through the 15th. This week-long study program entitled Explorations into Freedom gives participants a chance to take an extended period of time in quiet retreat as well as group dialogue to focus on learning about and investigating into themselves. Richard Waxberg and Deborah Kerner mindfully facilitate this work.

This week we are also participating in the Buchmesse in Frankfurt, the largest book fair in the world. This is part of our ongoing effort to ensure that Krishnamurti's books are in print in English and in over 26 languages.

In November we will begin our "Awakening of Intelligence" tour visiting Florida, North Carolina and New York. In January we will be in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an and Chengdu. More details on our outreach programs will be posted on our website soon.

The renovation work on the Pine Cottage roof will come to a close in the coming weeks. Once complete, the roof of the house where Krishnamurti lived for most of his life will have been replaced, strengthened and ready for the expected El NiƱo rains this winter. 


Jaap Sluijter
Executive Director

"You see, we are asking: what is intelligence? Can intelligence be cultivated? Is intelligence innate? Does thought see the truth of conflict, of division, and all the rest of it, or is it the quality of mind that sees the fact and is completely quiet with the fact?-completely silent, not trying to go beyond it, to overcome it, to change it, but is completely still with the fact. It is that stillness that is intelligence."

[from the book The Awakening of Intelligence, Chapter 7]

Explorations into Freedom Intensive Program 
November 8-15  

Weekend Retreat - The Core of the Teachings
Fri-Sun, December 4-6
This program endeavors to explore what is most essential in the message
of Krishnamurti. What is
this work challenging
us to do and/or see?
Residential Students
One-year Program
The Residential Student Program (formerly called the Intern Student Program) is intended for young adults seeking to delve deeply into the question 'who am I'. Students take one year to set aside their busy lives and reside on campus to study themselves and help with the work of the foundation.
We are now seeking applications for the
January start date.

Please help sustain
this work
Through the generosity of people like you, Krishnamurti's words have touched millions of lives around the world. Your gift allows us to expand and sustain this work, now and for generations to come.  

Find out more about the program and apply
Monthly Video
Monthly Video Quote
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.

This Month's Theme:
Choiceless Awareness
Featured Book:
Freedom from the Known
From the book Freedom from the Known:
"To understand and to be free of any problem we
need a great deal of passionate and sustained energy, not only physical
and intellectual energy
but an energy that is
not dependent on any
motive or psychological stimulus or drug."
Weekend Retreat:
The Illusion of the Self
Fri-Sun, January 8-10
What is the source of psychological illusion and what is it within the mind which creates these illusions, and then holds on to them in spite of the resulting contradictions, confusion, and conflict? Is there one fundamental illusion which has produced all the rest, and might this illusion be that we believe and act as if we are separate selves?
Oak Grove School Turns 40  
On Tuesday, September 15th, Oak Grove School celebrated its 40th anniversary. Click here to listen to Mark Lee, the first director of the school, address the students, faculty, and parents on this important occasion.
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