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The newest edition of the KFA's biannual newsletter "The Foundation Focus" is now available. Please see the links below to find the full version of all the articles from this publication, which highlights and reflects on the activities of the foundation.

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Click here to read the Oak Grove School update from former Head of School Meredy Benson Rice, who is now the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.
The Inward Revoltion
by Stephen Smtih
Krishnamurti has been variously described as a philosopher, a psychologist, an educator and a mystic.  All these definitions are true, in part; but it seems to me that we miss the point if we do not address a different definition without which the others, though valid, lose their point.  And that is the definition of revolutionary.

Transformational Potential
Transformational Potential within Self-Understanding by Amanda Lezra
This article provides a close-up look into the conversations that take place in the KFA Think on These Things program, which aims to pose challenging questions to young people.
Oak Grove - 2015 Graduating Class
On Wednesday, June 3rd, Oak Grove School honored the hard work, dedication, and spirit of its 2015 graduating senior class.
OGS 12th Grade Krishnamurti Projects
As part of their culminating reflections on Krishnamurti's teachings, each spring Oak Grove high school seniors produce videos, installations, sculptures, writing, and more within their Religion, Culture, and Ethics class.

Nueroscience & Krishnamurti's Teachings
This article, written by current KFA residential Student Michelle Melonakis, explores the relationship between neuroscience and self-inquiry.
The Archives
Long-Term Thinking
The Krishnamurti archives works toward a key
intention of the foundation: insuring that the work of Krishnamurti will survive, in it's original form, for the next 1,000 years.
Find out about some general happenings at the KFA, such as: upcoming online programs; foreign publications, new CFO of the foundation, etc.
Weekend Retreat: The Core of the Teachings
Fri-Sun, December 4-6
This program endeavors to explore what is most essential in the message
of Krishnamurti. What is
this work challenging
us to do and/or see?
Explorations into Freedom Intensive
Freedom From the Known
Sun-Sun, November 8-15

Please join us for the November Freedom from the Known Intensive Retreat, that will encourage us to 'see' the extraordinary potential, that Krishnamurti is pointing to, as a re-discovery of the timeless unburdened mind.

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