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July 2015

Dear Friends,

Over the last few years we've been digitizing all archived footage of Krishnamurti, and we are currently preparing them for publication. All titles are released with at least English subtitles and in many cases subtitles in many different languages. We just made the new release of a classic Krishnamurti title called Transformation of Man available for purchase in our online bookstore. This DVD features discussion between Krishnamurti, scientist Dr. David Bohm, and psychoanalyst Dr. David Shainberg, in which they delve deeply into the quintessential questions facing each individual that sees the need to bring about a radical, fundamental change in human consciousness.


This summer we are offering several opportunities at our Center in Ojai to interact with Krishnamurti's teachings. At the moment our yearly educational program is in full swing and more than 30 people from all over the world re-envision education and uncover and question deeply held assumptions in learning and teaching.


In early August we run our Unitive Perception program, a yoga program with inquiry into the nature of thought, facilitated by Rowan Friedrich


Later in August Zeenat Patel and Satish Telegar facilitate a weeklong inquiry program for adults and college students, the theme is Death, Renewal and the Creative Mind. In our culture we look upon death as an end, something negative to avoid. Krishnamurti spoke about death as the precursor to creativity, something that needs to be invited before the physical body dies. This program especially reaches out to college student as it has an holistic approach to exploration which is different from the impersonal, knowledge based institutional approach that is often seen in colleges.


In September we are planning to put a new roof on Pine Cottage, Krishnamurti's former home in Ojai. The roof of this historical building is in urgent need of a new roof. We've raised almost $50,000 of the required $80,000 to complete this work.


Jaap Sluijter
Executive Director

"What does it mean to die? To give up everything. Death cuts you off with a very, very, very sharp razor from your attachments, from your gods, from your superstitions, from your desire for comfort next life and so on. I am going to find out what death means because it is as important as living. So how can I find out, actually, not theoretically, what it means to die? I actually want to find out, as you want to find out. I am speaking for you, so don't go to sleep. What does it mean to die? Put that question to yourself. While we are young, or when we are very old, this question is always there. It means to be totally free, to be totally unattached to everything that man has put together, or what you have put together totally free. No attachments, no gods, no future, no past. You don't see the beauty of it, the greatness of it, the extraordinary strength of it while living to be dying. You understand what that means? While you are living, every moment you are dying, so that throughout life you are not attached to anything. That is what death means."

[from the book The Future is Now: Last Talks in India, Chapter 10]

Death, Renewal, and the Creative Mind
Summer Study Intensive 2015

A 7-Day Full-Immersion, Inquiry-Based Program  
August 23-30

Apply now: Student Residency Program
Applications accepted now  for the Student Residency program (previously called the Intern Student Program), a one-year residential program aimed for young adults who after having finished high school or university want to explore in a communal setting Krishnamurti's teachings and their implications in
our daily life.
Yoga & Inquiry:
Unitive Perception
Sat & Sun, Aug 8-9
In this retreat we are seeing that we start to question and look at attachments, even to yoga, while doing yoga for the body and body-mind system. Just as Krishnamurti questions blind attachments to anything, we will take a nonjudgemental approach to questioning and, in doing so, start to learn who we are.
Weekend Retreat:
Intro to Krishnamurti
Fri-Sun, Sept 25-27
All are invited to join in this weekend retreat, where we will look closely at the core questions of Krishnamurti's work and how they relate to each of us in the way we operate everyday.

Monthly Video
Monthly Video Quote
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.

This Month's Theme:
The Sacred
DVD Series: The Transformation of Man
Now available in the new international format, this DVD features discussion between Krishnamurti and scientists Dr. David Bohm, and Dr. David Shainberg, in which they delve deeply into the quintessential questions facing each individual that sees the need to bring about a radical, fundamental change in human consciousness.

Explorations into Freedom Intensive
Sun-Sun, November 8-15
Please join us for the November Freedom from the Known Intensive Retreat, that will encourage us to 'see' the extraordinary potential, that Krishnamurti is pointing to, as a re-discovery of the timeless unburdened mind.
Welcome to Summer 2015 - Oak Grove School 
Our summer camps are still enrolling: Art, Science, Programming, Surfing, Yoga, and more. Click here for more information and to register.
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