May Gathering 2015: May 2 & 3
Krishnamurti Foundation of America
We Invite You to Join Us...
We invite you to our Annual May Gathering, May 2nd and 3rd, 2015, taking place at the Krishnamurti Educational Center (KEC) in Ojai. Friends both local and from around the world come to listen to speakers, participate in discussions and dialogues, attend workshops, and simply hang out with friends old and new. The event will take place at the KEC campus, Krishnamurti's former home.

Theme: The World Within

This theme directs our attention to the heart of one of the central components to Krishnamurti's teachings - the inquiry into the truth of the divisive nature of the human mind, its impact on relationship, and its relationship to society and the world.   We will be looking together at the activity of human consciousness, the nature of action, and the relationship between the individual and society.

"If we can understand ourselves as we are from moment to moment without the process of accumulation, then we shall see how there comes a tranquility that is not a product of the mind, a tranquility that is neither imagined nor cultivated; and only in that state of tranquility can there be creativeness."

- J. Krishnamurti


The Details
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Free Event: No reservation necessary. 
Lunch:  Online pre-purchase $10.   
Purchase at the event $15. 
Live Streaming: Watch here on the day of the event.
Krishnamurti Educational Center
1070 McAndrew Rd. | Ojai, California (Map)
The Pepper Tree Retreat is fully booked during this weekend. If you would like information on where to stay during the gathering, please call (877) 355-5986.


2 Full Days, 8am - 5pm

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Saturday Workshops

concurrent events
10:30 AM - 12:05 PM

• (keynote) 40 Years: Behind the Scenes with Evelyn Blau

 Think on These Dialogue


1:40 - 3:15 PM

 Cultivating the Art of Listening in a K-12 Learning Environment

 Writing Workshop: The World Within

 On Conditioning: Perspectives from Developmental and Evolutionary Science


3:25 - 5:00 PM

 Always Awakening: Buddha's Realization, Krishnamurti's Insight

Presentation of the KEC Intern Program

 Seriousness, Humor and Laughter

Sunday Workshops
concurrent events

10:30 AM - 12:05 PM

 Discover of the World Within Through Self-Inquiry

 J. Krishnamurti, The Inward Revolution

* Exploring Uncharted Territory in the Classroom


1:40 - 3:15 PM

• The Enigma of J. Krishnamurti

 Think on These Things Workshop

* Presentation of KFA Archives

 Inquiry & Yoga: What is Unitive Perception?


3:25 - 5:00 PM

 The World Within

 Dialogue: To See Oneself as One Is

 Life is Action