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March 2015

Annual May Gathering

Dear Friends,

I would like to invite you to the 29th Annual May Gathering during the first weekend of May (2nd & 3rd) at the Krishnamurti Educational Center in Ojai. There is no cost to attend the gathering, but lunch is available for purchase both days.


This year's theme is "The World Within" which goes right to the heart of one of the central components of Krishnamurti's teachings - the inquiry into the truth of the divisive nature of the human mind, its impact on relationship, and its relationship to society and the world.

The annual May Gathering is a culmination of this theme. "The World Within" was chosen largely as a result of the new materials we published in the book exploring this theme. The topic is so pertinent that we have designed our tours around it, held weekly staff dialogues reading and discussing passages, and we are incorporating a reading of the book into a local festival called "Wordfest" in April. 

The various talks, presentations and dialogues during the gathering will largely explore this theme and are facilitated by a broad variety of educators, thinkers, scientists and others who share a deep interest in Krishnamurti's work and its relationship to their own lives and work.

This annual gathering is our largest event, and despite the size of the group, it has a very friendly, intimate feel.  It is a special occasion for so many of us that find joy in coming together to explore, inquire, and learn in a space of shared sincerity, intensity and interest.


Best wishes, 

Jaap Sluijter

Executive Director 



"If one may, one would like to point out that we are a gathering of serious people who are concerned with daily life. We are not concerned whatsoever with beliefs, ideologies, suppositions, theoretical conclusions or theological concepts, nor are we trying to found a sect, a group of people who follow somebody. We are not, let's hope, frivolous but rather we are concerned together with what is happening in the world - all the tragedies, the utter misery, poverty - and our responsibility to it."

- J. Krishnamurti Last Talks at Saanen 1985 1st Public 

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Educating the Educator:

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Educating the Educator
July 19 - 26
Krishnamurti suggested that, "Education can be transformed only by educating the educator, and not merely creating a new pattern, a new system of action." Around this challenge for transformation, the programs provide a variety of settings and opportunities to grapple with concrete educational issues and questions.

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Our Intern Program is now in its third year, and we are accepting new applicants to join us in the Spring. The program includes weekly dialogues, study programs, and an ongoing work-study relationship with the foundation.
Oak Grove School: India Night
Oak Grove School India Night
Inspired by Krishnamurti's work, an Oak Grove education seeks to cultivate in students sensitivity and awareness of their relationship to themselves, each other, and the world. Beginning in early childhood, OGS students understand they are part of something bigger than their classrooms, and that we all share responsibility for our global community. Nowhere is this better expressed than in the annual month-long senior trip to India. Students presented their experiences at India Night - Friday, February 20th. Click here to listen to their speeches and to view their images on Oak Grove's blog.  

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