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February 2015

Dear Friends,

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who donated so generously to the Foundation. We have surpassed our goal for the Annual Appeal, which means that we can continue to facilitate more programs at our center as well as expand our efforts to make the teachings available worldwide.

Last week, I returned from a two-week tour throughout China, during which I conducted book launches and retreat workshops in Beijing, Chongqing and Guangzhou. I was deeply moved by the high interest expressed, especially from young adults, as well as the depth of the questions asked throughout our many discussions.

In several of his talks, Krishnamurti challenged the popular belief of using yoga as a method to improve oneself.  Next week, Rowan Lommel will facilitate a five-day Yoga and Inquiry Retreat at our Educational Center in Ojai, where individuals will have a variety of avenues for inner exploration - through yoga, dialogue and study of Krishnamurti's teachings.

For those of you on the East Coast, have a look at our East Coast Tour itinerary, as we will be traveling to New York City, upstate New York, Massachusetts and Washington D.C. during the first and second weeks of March. Our tour will involve a combination of public presentations and meetings at universities.

This summer, we will hold our annual Teacher Education Program; a week-long exploration delving into our assumptions about teaching and learning, aimed toward teachers, parents and others interested in the field of education.
We hope to connect with you at one of these upcoming programs.

Best wishes, 

Jaap Sluijter
Executive Director 

"The word 'yoga' is generally understood as bringing together, tying together. I have been told by scholars that the word 'yoga' doesn't mean that at all; nor all the exercises and all the racket that goes with it. What it means is unitive perception, perceiving the whole thing totally, as a unit, the capacity, or the awareness, or the seeing the whole of existence as one-unitive perception, that's what it means, what the word 'yoga' means."
- J. Krishnamurti, Saanen 1971, Seventh Public Discussion

Yoga & Inquiry Retreat

East Coast Tour 2015:
March 6-17
Next month, we will be traveling again to the east coast, facilitating a presentation  titled "The World Within," in which we will explore different aspects of human consciousness, such as desire, hate, emptiness, and beauty.  We invite you to join us in New York City, Upstate New York, Massachusetts, or Washington, D.C.
The Self:
Read by Terence Stamp
Now Available
This newly released audio
CD features selected chapters from Krishnamurti's Commentaries on Living,
Vol. 1,
read by actor
Terence Stamp
. This is the first release in a planned series of audio CDs. Now available online at the Krishnamurti bookstore.
Study Program
March 12 - 15
"When there is no peace in relationship, there is no peace in meditation; it is an escape into illusion and fanciful dreams. It cannot be demonstrated or described. You are no judge of peace. You will be aware of it, if it is there, through the activities of your daily life, the order, the virtue of your life."
- J. Krishnamurti

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Monthly Video
Monthly Video Quote
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.

This Month's Theme:
The Sacred
7-Day Krishnamurti
Study Program
April 12 - 19
Nature is constantly renewing itself but the mind has no awareness of its own possibility for renewal through psychological death.  Once we are aware of psychological death and renewal, the significance of the creative mind emerges. Let us explore together the questions with which humanity has been struggling with fresh eyes.

Intern Program 
Spring Applicants
Our Intern Program is now in its third year, and we are accepting new applicants to join us in the Spring. The program includes weekly dialogues, study programs, and an ongoing work-study relationship with the foundation.

Oak Grove School

India Night -  Each winter, Oak Grove seniors take their signature trip to India. Students visit Krishnamurti schools, travel to cities and rural communities, and deeply learn that they are part of something much bigger than their campus. Students will present their experiences at India Night - Friday, February 20th, at 7:00PM. All are welcome to this free event and Indian fare will be served.

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