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January 2015

Outreach 2015
Dear Friends,
As you read this letter, Jaap has just begun his Asia tour in China. He will be speaking with hundreds of interested participants as he travels through the country and then into India, for the second leg of his trip. Together they are exploring the theme of The World Within,  specifically exploring the question, "Is it possible for the content of our consciousness to be dissolved?" 

This morning during a dialogue with parents, we explored a chapter from The World Within, called Re-Educating Parents. The content of the dialogue is not so much relevant as the quality of the conversation. At almost the same moment, all those participating took pause and appreciated, aloud, the opportunity to sit together in such a beautiful space and explore.

The intention of our outreach, as a foundation, is to make these opportunities available to as many people as possible, whether or not they are able to travel here, to Ojai, or to another center. In this spirit Jaap's tour will not end in Asia, but will travel both the East and West Coasts of the United States, where he will be joined with other facilitators. Think on These Things dialogues will also take place, including young adults in dialogue.
KFA Annual Report 2014

The East Coast Tour will be taking place beginning mid-March, and if you would like to host a local dialogue or presentation we will do our best to make the visit possible. Please email us to let us know. And, as always, you are welcome to visit the foundation and take part in any of our upcoming programs (see below) or simply to enjoy a personal retreat.   


A quick note: The Krishnamurti Foundation of America and Oak Grove School 2013-2014 Annual Reports are now available to on our website.


Best wishes,

Kelley Singer O'Mara
Director of Marketing
"But, he asked, what was he to do, in the meantime?
There is no 'between times': his wife, the education of their children, his means of livelihood, his private thoughts-feelings, all these are the burden of his journey. He cannot put them off any more than he can put off his thoughts-feelings. He must understand them, for they are a part of himself."
-J. Krishnamurti, The World Within


The Challenge of Sorrow: A Weekend


5-Day Retreat:
Yoga & Inquiry
February 22 - 28
In this retreat we are seeing that we start to question and look at attachments, even to yoga, while doing yoga for the body and body-mind system. Just as Krishnamurti questions blind attachments to anything, we will take a nonjudgemental approach to questioning and, in doing so, start to learn who we are. 

Think on These Things:

The Syllabus

Think on These Things Block
Now Available
This syllabus is ultimately geared towards opening up new avenues of exploration within existing classroom structures, providing materials and lesson plans that are intended to be integrated into the current curriculum, while facilitating opportunities for new possibilities to emerge in the interrelationships between students and teachers.

7-Day Krishnamurti

Study Program

Death, Renewal, and the Creative Mind
April 12 - 19
Nature is constantly renewing itself but the mind has no awareness of its own possibility for renewal through psychological death.  Once we are aware of psychological death and renewal, the significance of the creative mind emerges. Let us explore together the questions with which humanity has been struggling with fresh eyes.
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Monthly Video
Monthly Video Quote
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.
This Month's Theme:
Monthly Video
Educating the Educator Block
July 19 - 26
Uncovering our Assumptions about Teaching and Learning
By uncovering the underlying values of teaching and learning, we re-envision school, classroom and other learning environments. In re-orienting the act of teaching to one of learning, we awaken the craft of teaching.

Student Intern Program

Spring Applicants

Internship Program
Our Intern Program is now in its third year, and we are accepting new applicants to join us in the Spring. The program includes weekly dialogues, study programs, and an ongoing work-study relationship with the foundation.
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Oak Grove School

Oak Grove School

Oak Grove School is now accepting preschool through twelfth-grade applications for the 2015-2016 school year. Priority consideration is given to applications received by February 1st. To learn more about the campus, please visit Oak Grove's Blog or take a Virtual Tour

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