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December 2014
The World Within
Dear Friends,
We've recently released Bulletin #88, based on materials compiled from the newly published book, The World WithinEach year we compile a bulletin, typically based on content pulled from previously unpublished materials in the archives
Bulletin 2014
of Krishnamurti's work. We have a great deal of previously unpublished content, including audio recordings, which require some work to transcribe and verify.
On page 11 of the Bulletin Krishnamurti says, "Let him become aware of his thoughts and feelings, not pick and choose, but be aware of them, however trivial and ignoble, lofty and serene. As each thought or feeling arises, let him think it out, feel out that thought or feeling, follow it through. In following it through, he will be constantly interrupted by other thoughts-feelings, and so will begin to understand the lack of true concentration."  It is interesting to reflect on these timeless words now, during a time in history when technology and the internet have become a distraction like we've never seen before. It may be that dialogue and recording ones thoughts in a journal is particularly poignant at this time because of the stark difference between these activities and the more routine aspects of our daily lives.
The section these words belong to is titled "Healing Oneself." It is one of many "interviews" written by Krishnamurti during the Second World War, during a time that he did not speak publicly in the United States but instead lived quietly in Ojai, where he was sought out by many people. These interviews are each quite short, and particularly interesting because of how deeply they delve into the human experience or, in other words, the world within.
Best wishes,

Jaap Sluijter
Executive Director
The Challenge of Sorrow   Theme Weekend Jan 30 - Feb 1
Theme weekends are an opportunity to spend one weekend at a time in engaging an ongoing study of Krishnamurti's teachings through shared inquiry. Together, we watch a video or listen to an audio by Krishnamurti. We then delve deeply into the topics and questions that arise, attempting to explore them fully. Often, we find that there is a shared wisdom that can be touched upon in this spirit of inquiring together.
Winter Study Intensive
Right Action: Living a Life Free of Conflict
This program aims to tap into the deepest areas of the mind where operations take place that shape our sense of the real, yet usually remain inaccessible to our ability to examine them.
January 11-18
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Spring Applicants
Our Intern Program is now in its third year, and we are accepting new applicants to join us in the Spring. The program includes weekly dialogues, study programs, and an ongoing work-study relationship with the foundation.
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New Book:
The World Within
During the Second World War (1939-1945) Krishnamurti did not speak publicly in the United States but lived quietly in Ojai, CA. People sought him out and came to dialogue with him on many issues of the times or their own personal dilemmas. Krishnamurti's recollection and documentation of these dialogues were gathered from his notebooks and compiled in this book.
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Monthly Video Quote
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.
This Month's Theme:
The Religious Mind
Yoga & Inquiry:
Unitive Perception
Yoga & Inquiry February 2015
Feb 22 - Feb 28
We will turn our attention more deeply inwards to pay attention to the subtle movements of the body, breath and mind. We will listen to Krishnamurti and explore such subjects such as sensitivity, relationship, meditation, intelligence, and transformation.
Oak Grove School
Oak Grove School
2014 has been a wonderful year for Oak Grove School, and as we conclude our first semester of the 2014-2015 school year, we wish to pause and acknowledge our wonderful community. Students, families, staff, board members, alumni, and donors all contribute to make Oak Grove the unique place it is. Thanks to the work and dedication of these individuals, we can fulfill our mission to help students develop the qualities of mind, heart, and body that enable them to act with excellence, self-knowledge, and responsibility in the modern world.  Click here to learn more...

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