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November 2014
Dear Friends, 
This month we have officially released the newest edition of The Ending of Time, a series of important and enlightening dialogues in which J. Krishnamurti and Dr. David Bohm-men from vastly different backgrounds in philosophy and physics, respectively-debate profound existential questions that illuminate the fundamental nature of existence, probing topics such as insight, illusion, awakening, transcendence,  renewal, morality, the temporal, and the spiritual. 
We are in the midst of our year-end appeal. Many of you have already contributed, and we thank you for your support. For those of you who have not yet, please consider donating to this important work, as it is the generosity of our donors who make it all possible.
Melissa Navarro is our new Director of Development for the Krishnamurti Foundation of America and will focus her fundraising efforts on the Krishnamurti Educational Center, Publications, Archives, Outreach and general Foundation overhead. Jodi Grass will remain as Development Director for Oak Grove School, focusing her energies on managing the fundraising aspects associated with providing a Krishnamurti education to students in preschool through high school.  Both Jodi and Melissa will work collaboratively to support our donors and to ensure the organization as a whole continues to flourish and thrive.  
A quick note on our programs, our Winter Study Intensive is coming up January 11 to 18.  Dr. Satish Telegar, PhD,  and Dr. Zeenat Patel will facilitate a week long of dialogue and exploration at the KEC under the title What is Right Action?

Best wishes,

Jaap Sluijter
Executive Director
"David Bohm: Thought has entangled the brain in time.
Krishnamurti: All right. Can that entanglement be unravelled, freed, so that the universe is the mind? You follow? If the universe is not of time, can the mind, which has been entangled in time, unravel itself and so be the universe? You follow what I am trying to say?

DB: Yes.

K: That is order."
- J. Krishnamurti, The Ending of Time Ch. 10 "Cosmic Order"

Winter Study Intensive
Right Action: Living a Life Free of Conflict
This program aims to tap into the deepest areas of the mind where operations take place that shape our sense of the real, yet usually remain inaccessible to our ability to examine them.
January 11-18
Facing a World in Crisis:
A Theme Weekend 
In 1983 in Ojai, Krishnamurti gave a series of talks, the first of which was on how to deal with a world in conflict. For three days we will hold the space to continue a dialogue around this important topic.
December 5 - 7
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The KFA is a non-profit organization that is primarily supported by the generosity and commitment of donors. This section will give you a sense of the purpose of the work we're doing.

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Winter Study Intensive
We will turn our attention more deeply inwards to pay attention to the subtle movements of the body, breath and mind. We will listen to Krishnamurti and explore such subjects such as sensitivity, relationship, meditation, intelligence, and transformation

Oak Grove School
Open House
On November 1, Oak Grove held its annual Open House and All-School Showcase. Photos can be found on Oak Grove's website.
New Book:
The Ending of Time
A discourse between J. Krishnamurti and renowned physicist Dr. David Bohm, exploring the origin of human conflict and what we can do about the barriers that stand in the way of insight and consciousness. Now revised and updated with a new introduction and added dialogues.
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Krishnamurti Foundation of America 2015 Calendar
Enjoy this beautiful calendar for 2015 with photos from Krishnamurti's good friend Friedrich Grohe, which includes short and poignant quotes from Krishnamurti's talks. 

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