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August 2014

Krishnamurti Foundation Focus Cover 2014, photo by Asit Chandmal
Dear Friends,

Two years ago we welcomed five new interns to begin the new year-long student intern program here at the KFA. Since then we have had ten interns, who have both helped to develop the program and flourished within it. This fall we have space for four new interns to come and enjoy the program.

The intern program at the Krishnamurti Educational Center is a unique opportunity in that it is a living and evolving community. The intention of the one-year program is above all, to allow for open exploration of all aspects of one's life, with the ongoing potential of gaining insight into the nature of one's life, the world, and the activity of human relationship.

Please help us get the word out about this very unique opportunity, so that anyone who may be interested will have the chance to apply. Our new interns will begin November 1 at the foundation. Information can be found at We also have a handout if you know of a community board that may be perfect for posting. Thank you for  your support.

Also, the Yoga & Inquiry program is coming up September 3 - 7 (Wednesday - Sunday). If you are interested in joining, click here to see more details about the program and apply.

By now you've probably received the Fall 2014 Foundation Focus. There is one error: the very last event on the calendar spread is the Annual May Gathering, and it says that there is a program fee. This was a mistake. The May Gathering will continue to be free in 2015.


Jaap Sluijter

Executive Director

"Now where do we begin to understand ourselves? Here am I, and how am I to study myself, observe myself, see what is actually taking place inside myself? I can observe myself only in relationship because all life is relationship. It is no use sitting in a corner meditating about myself. I cannot exist by myself. I exist only in relationship to people, things and ideas, and in studying my relationship to outward things and people, as well as to inward things, I begin to understand myself. Every other form of understanding is merely an abstraction and I cannot study myself in abstraction; I am not an abstract entity; therefore I have to study myself in actuality."

-J. Krishnamurti, Freedom From the Known

Yoga & Inquiry:
Yoga & Inquiry Retreat

It may be that at the end of our five days together we will have found a new relationship with the present moment, and leave having begun the practice of checking in, allowing truth the room to surface. This is the possibility we will explore.

Wednesday - Friday
September 3 - 7  
Stepping into the Mystery of Not Knowing
Explorations into Freedom

This is an entirely new approach to working with Krishnamurti's teaching that emphasizes the transformational potential of direct seeing and listening.

November 2 - 9 
Accepting Fall Interns
The Krishnamurti Foundation of America hosts resident interns for one year.
There are many essential questions we as human beings contend with, especially in early adulthood. The Krishnamurti Foundation provides a space for six interns, each year, to live at the educational center, take programs, and reflect.
Next Start Date: Nov 1
  Click here to read more about the program and apply

 Click here to read more about the program and apply

Click here to read more about the program and apply
What is a Theme Weekend?
Theme Weekends
Theme Weekends at the Krishnamurti Educational Center provide a space for those who are interested in engaging with Krishnamurti's works on an ongoing basis, approaching new themes, one weekend at a time.
Foundation Focus 
August 2014
Photo by Asit Chandmal
The Fall 2014 Foundation Focus is now available to read electronically on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
Presentations and Dialogues this Fall
West Coast Tour
This fall, we are planning to travel throughout the West Coast, offering several different presentations geared toward those eager to inquire into fundamental questions in an open atmosphere.
Click here to see the upcoming Theme Weekend schedule

Click here to read more about the West Coast Tour
Will Yoga Awaken Deeper Energy?
Will Yoga Awaken Deeper Energy
"Sirs, you can do this kind of yoga exercise for the rest of your life, you won't awaken spiritual insight, nor will the awakening of a higher energy come into being."
-J. Krishnamurti
Oak Grove School Resumes August 27
Oak Grove School

The campus is buzzing with construction, planning for the new year, and teachers preparing their classrooms for incoming students. 

Monthly Video
Monthly Video Quote
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.
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