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June 2014


Dear Friends,


This August four of our five current interns will move on to new endeavors. They have been invaluable in the blossoming of the internship program, and have contributed in many ways to the foundation and to the ongoing inquiry that takes place here.


In their place will come four new interns. To facilitate this shift, the current interns have been working to produce materials that will share  a sense of what the program is, and how it can be utilized by future participants. This month's newsletter shares this work, most of which can be found in the new intern pages. We have two more openings for new interns to join us this August.


The drawing above is a small section of one of 20 graphite drawings, made by Arie Galles. He stayed at the Pepper Tree Retreat for several days and studied the 100-year-old pepper tree on the grounds. These drawings have been on exhibit in the Archive building since the May Gathering. 


The Gathering itself was well-attended, with temperate (although windy) days and interesting conversations. Here is a link to view some of the recorded talks from the weekend.


Finally, we have many interesting programs coming up in July, including the mid-week Think on These Things Program for young adults ages 18 - 30, and the week-long Teacher Education Program. Shortly after, in early August, is our next week-long study-intensive program: "The Timeless Mind: From Separation to Wholeness." 


“They [students] should study the teaching thoroughly, soak in it deeply as you would do if you were to study medicine or Buddhism or any other subject. Studying means to go deeply into the subtleties of the words used and their contents and seeing the truths in them in relation to daily life. They should be able to discuss the teaching with specialists in any branch of knowledge, as scholars do. While they are studying these people should have a spirit of cooperation.”

— J. Krishnamurti


Jaap Sluijter
Executive Director 

Think on These Things
3-Day Program
Think on These Things Summer Program
This July
Wed 7/16 - Friday 7/18
This three-day intensive-retreat is the first residential program for Think on These Things. Our intent is to create an environment where young people can inquire into themselves and their relationship with the world in a safe and introspective way. 
Educating the Educator
July 20th - 26th
Teacher Education at the KEC
Re-envisioning Education, and the Craft of Teaching and Learning
Starting with the questions that we grapple with in our daily lives as educators, the program builds on the insights participants come to from their own deep looking and shared inquiry.
New Video:
The Intern Program
Krishnamurti Foundation of America Internship Program
This video was compiled to offer you a sense of the subtler and more solitary aspect of the program.  The program is intended to offer interns an opportunity to reflect deeply on their lives, their relationships, and the natural environment.
Click here to read more about the program and apply
Click here to read more about the program and apply
 Click here to watch the video

A Gallery:
The KFA Internship 
Krishnamurti Foundation of America Interns
Here is a collection of images that represent the daily lives of the interns here on the campus.  Get a sense for the activities that the program entails, and the spaces that are available here at the KEC.
The Papers:
Written by KFA Interns
KFA Intern Papers
As a part of the educational programs at the KEC each intern has written reflections on various explorations throughout each year.  These writings offer a glimpse into the types of things that are being explored in the program. 
Accepting Fall Interns
The Krishnamurti Foundation of America hosts resident interns for one year.
There are many essential questions we as human beings contend with, especially in early adulthood. The Krishnamurti Foundation provides a space for six interns, each year, to live at the educational center, take programs, and reflect.

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Monthly Video
Monthly Video Quote
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.
Spring Appeal
Spring Appeal 2014
Please Donate
This is the final month of our Spring Appeal. Every gift received up to $50,000 will therefore have twice the impact. 
2014 Oak Grove School Graduation
Oak Grove School Graduation 2014
On Wednesday, June 4th, Oak Grove School honored the hard work, dedication, and spirit of its graduating senior class.
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