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February 2014

East Coast Tour 2014
Dear Friends,

Next week, we are embarking on our second East Coast Tour, with the intent to reach as many new audiences as possible, and to connect with old friends and new. The tour will include visits to New York City, Middletown & Catskills NY, Marblehead & Northampton Massachusetts, Washington DC, and Naples & Tallahassee Florida.

Amanda Lezra will be facilitating Think on These Things discussion programs in classrooms in several universities, including Orange County Community College, University of Massachusetts Medical School, and the University of the District of Columbia. I will be conducting workshops and presentations exploring the themes of The Ending of Psychological Time and Unconditioning Through Education. These sessions intend to explore core issues within Krishnamurti's work, and are geared toward those eager to inquire into fundamental questions in an open atmosphere. For more program details and to reserve a seat, please visit

We are excited to announce that we have begun the construction of our gazebo. This will be a space in which we will conduct programs exploring key themes Krishnamurti pointed towards, as well as inviting other teachers and facilitators to utilize this beautiful space to hold diverse workshops and events. We expect that the gazebo will be ready for use in May.

Lastly, we have two exciting events on the horizon. Between February 28th and March 2nd, Rowan Lommel will be facilitating a theme weekend titled "What is the Self?" which will delve into the sense of self that dominates our thinking, examining its roots and the complex structure that comes about, built upon the simple idea of "me." Find more information here.

The 2014 Krishnamurti Spring Study Intensive & Retreat Program is also coming up between April 13th and 20th-a 7-day inquiry-based immersion program for adults and college students. This event will be facilitated by Dr. Satish Telegar and Zeenat Patel. To sign up, please click here.  


Jaap Sluijter

Executive Director


Why do We 
Get Educated?
Why are We Being Educated
At the risk of being too bold, you should definitely watch this video created by Amanda Lezra. A collage of images in motion overlay Krishnamurti's voice as he explores the purpose of education in our society.
Theme Weekend:
What is the Self?
What is the Self?
Friday 2/28 - Sunday 3/2
We will explore the sense of self that dominates our thinking. In examining its roots, and the complex structure that stems from them, we may begin to get a sense of this thing we call "me."
Upcoming Study-Intensive Retreat
April 2014 Study Intensive
"Living Beyond 
Time and Knowledge"
This is a rare opportunity to experience a 7-day full immersion, inquiry-based program for adults.
Sunday 4/13 - 4/20
Click here to read more about the program and sign up
Pepper Tree
Pepper Tree Retreat
The KFA's Pepper Tree Retreat is a peaceful space that is open to all. Located on the grounds of Krishnamurti's Ojai home, the retreat provides a beautiful environment to reflect and reconnect with nature.
Two Weeks of
East Coast Programs
East Coast Tour 2014
For two weeks in late February, representatives from the Krishnamurti Foundation of America will go on tour, holding dialogues in cities across the East Coast. Participants are welcome.
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Facebook Page
Krishnamurti Foundation of America Facebook Page
The Krishnamurti Foundation of America has created a unique Facebook page made specifically for anyone who is interested in up-to-date notifications about what is going on at the organization. "Like" the page to stay in the loop!
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Biographical DVD:
The Challenge of Change
The Challenge of Change
Every month our Monthly Video Quote is popular, with hundreds of recipients clicking through to hear Krishnamurti speak. This biographical DVD offers the opportunity to learn about the life behind the words.
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Oak Grove School
Path at Oak Grove School
Take an online tour of the campus, including views from within the Pavilion and Art Buildings, on Google maps!
Monthly Video
Monthly Video Quote
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.
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