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December 2013

Krishnamurti on  Harley

Dear Friends, 

We came across this beautiful picture in the KFA Archives of Krishnamurti on a motorbike behind Arya Vihara in the 1920’s. The picture serves to illustrate the importance of the archives, preserving not just the teachings, but also the history of Krishnamurti for the future. Even those who feel that they know everything about Krishnamurti and his teachings can be surprised by the wealth of resources available.

Recently, for example, we started going back through the unpublished discussions surrounding the founding of Oak Grove School for a new book publication. In these discussions one theme kept recurring. This theme, “Unconditioning,” will be our central focus throughout the coming year. It is also the theme of the upcoming May Gathering, which we have already begun planning.

Also in the new year, we will have our second five-day Yoga & Self-Knowledge Retreat, starting on January 29th. This retreat offers an opportunity to engage with Krishnamurti’s teachings beyond dialogue, which can be important for those who access learning and inquiry more readily outside of a dialogue setting.

Think on These Things, our dialogue-based program of inquiry for young adults and teenagers, is growing in its outreach. Amanda Lezra, the program director, together with the former Director of the Oak Grove Secondary School, Willem Zwart, have developed a syllabus with input from university professors. The syllabus will be available to teachers and schools interested in focusing a class around Krishnamurti-style inquiry.

Finally, this year is almost complete, and with that, our annual appeal will be over. We are half-way to our goal. With 18 days left, all donations will be greatly appreciated. The programs mentioned above are made possible by our donors, and as a token of appreciation we will be sending out this year’s Bulletin next week — an unpublished Krishnamurti Dialogue from Ojai, CA during the initial development of Oak Grove School. The Bulletin is titled: Unconditioning Through Education.

“When you say something, it is intelligence that is going to discover whether you are honest or dishonest. It is intelligence that is going to find out whether a certain activity is worthwhile doing or not. So, is it possible in a school of this kind to uncondition the student – we’ll come to how, the process of unconditioning, we’ll come to that – so that when he leaves, he is intelligent, and therefore he can meet society intelligently, not accept the patterns of society.”

— Krishnamurti 1975

Executive Director

Jaap Sluijter


Yoga & Self Knowledge
A Five-Day Retreat
Yoga & Self-Knowledge
During this five-day retreat we will practice yoga, turning our attention inwards to pay attention to the subtle movements of the body, breath and mind. 
Wed 1/29 - Sun 2/2, 2013
Think on These Things:
What is Learning?
Think on These Things Video... What is Learning
"Think on These Things" extends fundamental questions to high school and college students, to bring about the space necessary for a deeper self-inquiry and self-understanding.
Listening: The First and Last Step to Freedom
Krishnamurti Foundation of America's Winter Intensive 2014
The Study Intensive Program is a seven-day full-immersion, inquiry-based program for adults and college students.
Sun 1/7 -  Sat 1/14, 2013
Click here for full information and to register

Oak Grove School
High School Showcase 
Oak Grove School Concert
On December 6th, Oak Grove students inspired the audience with their performances and art presentations.
Krishnamurti Foundation
2013 Annual Appeal
Krishnamurti Foundation of America 2013 Annual Appeal
By donating to the Krishnamurti Foundation of America you are supporting the Krishnamurti Educational Center, Publication, Archives and the general Foundation overhead.
The Real Revolution
CD Series
Krishnamurti's Real Revolution CD Series
Krishnamurti's talks in Ojai, California in 1966 are made available in entirety for the first time in this new ten-disc CD series.

Monthly Video 
Weekly Video Quote
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.
Pepper Tree 
Pepper Tree Retreat
The KFA's Pepper Tree Retreat is a peaceful space that is open to all. Located on the grounds of Krishnamurti's Ojai home, the retreat provides a beautiful environment to reconnect with nature and ones self.
 KFA Bulletin 2013
is on its way
2013 KFA Bulletin
The Bulletin - a selection of previously unpublished Krishnamurti material - is sent out every year to donors. This year's Bulletin is themed: 
Unconditioning Through Education.
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