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November 2013

Photo by Petter Goldstine
Dear Friends,
Last month our sister organization in England launched a campaign to display large posters with Krishnamurti quotes in 27 across-track sites in the London Subway stations. They called the campaign “The Underground Movement.” To read more about it, click here.
Here at the Krishnamurti Educational Center, we have a week-long Study Intensive Retreat coming up that will take place in early January. This retreat will explore the topic “Listening: The First and Last Step to Freedom,” and will be facilitated by Terry O’Connor and Kathy Franklin, both whom have hosted dialogues in Maryland for over 20 years. These programs tend to fill up very early on, so if you’d like to join the dialogue be sure to apply soon.
The last Theme Weekend of the year will take place during the first week of December and is titled Krishnamurti & Buddhism. It will be facilitated by David Skitt, who has a long-standing history with both Krishnamurti and Tibetan Buddhism, and has also been a trustee for the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust.
Lastly, we are in the middle of our Annual Appeal. Your support allows us to continue to do our work. Do donate today!
'The first step is the last step. The first step is to perceive-perceive what you are thinking, perceive your ambition, perceive your anxiety, your loneliness, your despair, this extraordinary sense of sorrow. Perceive it without any condemnation, justification, without wishing it to be different, just perceive it as it is. When you perceive it as it is, then there is a totally different kind of action taking place, and that action is the final action. That is, when you perceive something as being false or as being true, that perception is the final action, which is the final step.'
— Krishnamurti, First Step is the Last Step
Executive Director
Jaap Sluijter

Can There Be Happiness Without Pleasure?
Think on These Things Video
"Think on These Things" extends fundamental questions to high school and college students, to bring about the space necessary for a deeper self-inquiry and self-understanding.
& Buddhism
December Theme Weekend
Join us in exploring Buddhism, one of the world's largest traditional bodies of knowledge, as we attempt to engage with it afresh through the lens of Krishnamurti's work.  
Yoga & Self Knowledge
A Week Long Retreat
Yoga & Self-Knowledge
We will practice yoga, exploring the coordination of movement with breath and turning our attention more deeply inwards to pay attention to the subtle movements of the body, breath and mind. 
Click here for full information and to register

Click here for full information and to register

Mindfulness Practice
In Childhood Education 
Children in Meditation at Oak Grove School
Mindfulness has become a regular part of the curriculum at Oak Grove School for both the students and the adults. 
Listening: The First and Last Step to Freedom
Krishnamurti Foundation of America's Winter Intensive 2014
The Study Intensive Program is a seven-day full-immersion, inquiry-based program for adults and college students.
Sun 1/7 -  Sat 1/14, 2013

Monthly Video 
Weekly Video Quote
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.

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NEW 2014 Calendar:
Timeless Change
Timeless Calendar
Beautiful, with photos from Krishnamurti's good friend Friedrich Grohe, the calendar includes poignant quotes from Krishnamurti's talks.
Krishnamurti Foundation
2013 Annual Appeal
Krishnamurti Foundation of America 2013 Annual Appeal
By donating to the Krishnamurti Foundation of America you are supporting the Krishnamurti Educational Center, Publication, Archives and the general Foundation overhead.

Krishnamurti Center 
Re-opens in Brazil
Krishnamurti Dialogue in Brazil
A Krishnamurti Center re-opened in Tiradentes, Brazil, the small historical town, situated at an altitude of about 3,000 feet amidst the green hills of Minas Gerais.

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