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September 2013

Fall 2013 Krishnamurti Foundation of America Interns
The Interns: Fall 2013 (left to right: Jake, Gustavo, Mita, Cory, Sage)
Dear Friends, 
We are experiencing a very hot summer in Ojai this year. Even some of the native oaks are showing signs of exhaustion. In the midst of the heat, the work continues.

At the Educational Center we started a new year of our Intern program. For a year the students will be living in a communal setting while studying Krishnamurti's teachings and how they relate to their lives. For January we have a few openings left and we especially invite women to apply to maintain a gender balance.

The school year has started and the campus of the Oak Grove School is filled with children excited about the year to come.

Our theme weekends continue on a regular basis, for those who want to retreat for a weekend and in a leisurely way explore Krishnamurti's teachings with others. See our calendar for upcoming events.

"So I say relationship is the most essential thing in life and I see any image formed prevents that relationship, and therefore relationship being much more important, the image becomes unimportant. Therefore, though my nerves react, the brain remembers, the image won't be formed because the other thing is far more important. You get what I am talking about? Do you see?" 
—J.Krishnamurti, Beginnings of Learning, October 7, 1971

Jaap Sluijter
Executive Director KFA 
Theme Weekend
Images of Oneself
"The freedom from images is real freedom.  In that freedom there is no division brought about by images." -Krishnamurti
October 4-6

The Ending of  
Psychological Time
The Ending of Psychological Time -- presented by Jaap Sliujter
Jaap Sluijter presents "The Ending of Psychological Time." This is a presentation he made in many locations on both the East Coast and Asian tours.
KFA Intern Program
Alive and Growing
KFA interns in discussion
Three new interns joined us this summer. We are accepting applications for Winter. Apply quickly, positions fill early.
Final Deadline is November 1.
 Click here for full information and to apply

First Day Back at 
Oak Grove
Children circle up for the first day of school.
A photo album-- Classrooms were filled with greeting and community, and adults enjoyed morning coffee and reconnected with friends.
Monthly Video 
Weekly Video Quote
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.
Yoga & Self Knowledge:
A Review 
Yoga and Self-Knowledge in the KFA Pine Cottage, picture by Zachary Domes
Rowan and Francesca led nine individuals through a five day retreat into yoga and self-knowledge. As the pictures display, it was beautiful.
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