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August 2013

golden hours by George Mason
From George Mason's series "Rich for the Vitals." Title: Gate (Golden Hour) - 2012

Dear Friends,

I am excited to present to you the newest edition of the Foundation Focus, our bi-annual magazine, with a special focus on Yoga and our new programs. Click here to view a PDF version.

Fall 2013 Foundation Focus

We are in the midst of a very busy period at the Educational Center. We just completed the Educating the Educator program and the Study Intensive Retreat. We are gearing up for our Yoga & Self Knowledge retreat.


While we work the East End campus is transforming. The medicinal herbs in the new garden are growing fast and preparation work for the new Yoga Gazebo is starting.


The Oak Grove School Campus is also very busy, getting ready for the new school year which starts at the end of the month.


"So there is the domination of thought over the organism; there is consciously or unconsciously a struggle between thought and the organism.  In this way thought is destroying the natural intelligence of the body itself.  Does the body, the physical organism, have its own intelligence?" 

Krishnamurti, July 30th, 1970


Jaap Sluijter

Executive Director KFA    

Our Friend Tom
On Wednesday July 17 our friend and colleague Tom Heggestad passed away in his home in California. Those of you who are familiar with the KFA archives will know him. Tom was the driving force behind building the archives and was instrumental in bringing together the Krishnamurti audio archive in Ojai.

He will be remembered here for his dedication to the teachings, significantly the painstaking preparation of the material for the K-text CD-Rom (now the core of He came at a time soon after Krishnamurti's death when the teachings needed to speak for themselves, and his special skills were indispensable to the completion of the project.

He worked tirelessly and selflessly and was at the same time active in the daily life of the community, albeit in his own distinctive way. He was one of life's originals and is remembered with great affection.

Yoga & Self-Knowledge
August 21-25
yoga and krishnamurti
A 5-day event where participants engage in yoga and dialogue, opening up an opportunity for exploration and self-knowledge. We will practice yoga, turning our attention more deeply inwards to pay attention to the body, breath and mind. 
On Yoga 
K Dissolving the Order 1929
You may be aware of the movement of an arm, a leg or the head, and through that movement sense that you are becoming aware of the whole, but what we are asking is: can the body be aware of itself without any movement? 
& Self Knowledge 
Traditionally the programs at KEC in Ojai and in the other centers over the world are composed of studying Krishnamurti's work through books, video or audio and dialogue. This format works for many, but not for those who are less inclined to sit for a long span of time in a group discussion.

  East Coast Tour 

by Jaap Sluijter

Nasa Presents Jaap Sluijter
With a group of approximately 35 at NASA Goddard Space Flight Facilities, we posed the question of whether there can be a true mutation in the human mind, and if so, what such a mind would look like.  We investigated how the nature of our brain is to escape and how awareness of this process might bring about a change.
Theme Weekend
September 6-8
kfa theme weekend - you are the world and the world is you
You Are the World and the World is You - Theme Weekends are for people eager to inquire into fundamental questions in an atmosphere of togetherness and openness. These events are suitable for those already acquainted with the teachings as well as those fairly new to them. 
 Earth Island
Medicinal Herb Garden
KFA Earth Island Medicinal Herb Garden
The Earth Island Medicinal Herb Garden is a new project that exists in cooperation with the KFA as a complementary foundation for education and health. It provides another beautiful spot on the east end campus to walk, sit and consider the work and words of Krishnamurti.
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Weekly Video
Weekly Video Quote
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.
Think on These Things 
East Coast Tour
Krishnamurti Video played at Think on These Things
I began coordinating Think onThese Things--an outreach program for young adults between 18 and 30--two years ago. I have since observed that, regardless with whom I speak, regardless of their age, educational background or life experience, we all want to engage in what is deeply meaningful to us. 
Intern Student Program 
Who am I?
Francesca Lies, KFA intern
After having spent almost a full year living and working at the KEC, with my primary responsibility being to inquire into Who Am I?, I find an exploration continues to occur as insights into the question appear. I am left with these insights and what I have believed myself to be for the past 24 years. 
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