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July 2013

east coast kfa tour

Dear Friends, 

We just returned from our two week East Coast Tour. During our two week tour through five states we met, in total, with more than 250 people at our presentations of Krishnamurti’s work on meditation. For more information and complementary downloads click here.

In the next weeks, the KEC is fully booked with the Educating the Educator program and the Study Intensive Retreat.

Next month we are, for the first time, having a five day Yoga and Self Knowledge program for those who want to include studying yoga while exploring Krishnamurti’s teachings.  For more information on this Yoga and Self Knowledge program, click here.

yoga and self knowledge - the kfa

"When you do these things regularly, easily, without any effort – yoga means skill in action, it isn’t just doing certain things – the skill in action implies no effort. When you do the exercises with any form of effort involved, that is not yoga. Therefore you do it easily, and the regularity of it depends on the sensitivity of the body. You do it one day, and the next day the body may be tired and you say, all right, I won’t do it. It is not a mechanical regularity. Right sir? All this requires a great deal of intelligence, not only the intelligence of the body, but the mind, the whole thing called mind in which is the brain, and all that, when that is intelligent it will tell you, it will react, tell you what to do, what not to do. " 

- J.Krishnamurti, Saanen 7th PublicTalk 30th July 1970

Best wishes for a good Summer,

Jaap Sluijter
KFA Executive Director

Yoga & Self-Knowledge
August 21-25
yoga and krishnamurti
A 5-day event where participants engage in yoga and dialogue, opening up an opportunity for exploration and self-knowledge.  We will practice yoga, turning our attention more deeply inwards to pay attention to the body, breath and mind.
The Intern Student
Intern Student Program
The Intern Student program at the Krishnamurti Educational Center is a one year residential program aimed for young adults who want to explore the question "Who am I?" in a communal setting. 
What Are the Teachings?
by Michael Mendizza
kfa blog story
He denied methods. The change he encouraged us to discover about ourselves, he claimed, is not dependent on knowledge, time or the authority of another. These are the teachings. What is left? Where does this leave us?

Oak Grove School
Senior Speeches
oak grove school senior graduation 2013
On Wednesday, June 5th, Oak Grove School honored the hard work and perseverance of its graduating senior class. We are very proud of the class of 2013 and wish them success as they begin their next adventure. 
Theme Weekend
September 6-8
kfa theme weekend - you are the world and the world is you
You Are the World and the World is You - Theme Weekends are for people eager to inquire into fundamental questions in an atmosphere of togetherness and openness. These events are suitable for those already acquainted with the teachings as well as those fairly new to them. 
Looking, Listening, and Shared Inquiry - July 27 
krishnamurti video and open dialogue / inquiry
This program starts with a video of Krishnamurti, then seeks to explore the topic of the video via the medium of dialogue. With the focus on 'what is' rather than on ideas and opinions, the intention is to inquire together in relation to fundamental questions of life.
Watch the speeches on Oak Grove School's Blog

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Weekly Video
Weekly Video Quote
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.
Think on These Things
the East Coast Tour
Think on these things east coast tour
Don't Believe Everything you Think - We embarked on a two-week tour of the Eastern United States. Our intention was to investigate questions that are deeply important to our lives - to provide a space to explore and question, with no judgment and no desired result. 
Re-envisioning Education, and the Craft of Learning
Teacher Education Program
Starting with the questions that we grapple with in our daily lives as educators, the program builds on the insights participants come to from their own deep looking and shared inquiry during the program. The 2013 event is full; next year's event will be held June 20-26, 2014. Save the date!
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