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June 2013

The Krishnamurti Foundation of America east coast tour 2013
Our intent is to reach as many people as we can.
Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago we had our two-day Annual Gathering at the Educational Center. The two days were packed with presentations, workshops, and the opportunity to connect with people with a similar interest. Several visitors shared with me that they discovered something new, be it in the field of education, Krishnamurti’s teachings, or about the workings of their own mind.

On June 21 we start the East Coast Tour. Our objective is to draw attention to Krishnamurti’s work on meditation. We hope to see you at one of our events.

Please visit to help us carry on this important work.


“We have to alter the structure of our society, its injustice, its appalling morality, the divisions it has created between man and man, the wars, the utter lack of affection and love that is destroying the world. If your meditation is only a personal matter, a thing which you personally enjoy, then it is not meditation. Meditation implies a complete radical change of the mind and the heart. This is only possible when there is this extraordinary sense of inward silence, and that alone brings about the religious mind. That mind knows what is sacred.” - J.Krishnamurti, Beyond Violence


Jaap Sluijter
Executive Director KFA

The 2013 Spring Appeal
the teachings' challenge
krishnamurti foundation of america spring appeal
Krishnamurti's work is currently available to thousands of people around the world through the digital archives, published and preserved books, libraries, dialogues, videos, schools, retreat centers, and special events. Please help us to continue this effort.
Krishnamurti Publications
International Page
krishnamurti publications international
There are over 300 titles available through the KFA's online bookstore. Titles include books, CDs and DVDs produced by the KFA and the other Foundations in the U.K. and India, as well as foreign language editions.
The 2013 May Gathering
The Meditative Mind
The 2013 May Gathering
The May Gathering was a great success, with speakers and panels from both Ojai and around the country. We are grateful for the engaged participation and inquiry.

Krishnamurti and Education Reflections
oak grove school's blog page
Krishnamurti schools look and feel in many ways similar to other alternative educational environments. It is important therefore to define as simply as possible how Krishnamurti's views in general and specifically his approach to education differs from other models.
Yoga and Self-Knowledge
August 21-25
yoga and krishnamurti
A 5-day event where participants engage in yoga and dialogue, opening up an opportunity for exploration and self-knowledge. Yoga will be used as an avenue to create space for the mind and body to facilitate deeper learning.
Looking, Listening, and
Shared Inquiry - June 22
krishnamurti video and open dialogue / inquiry
This program starts with a video of Krishnamurti, then seeks to explore the topic of the video via the medium of dialogue. With the focus on 'what is' rather than on ideas and opinions, the intention is to inquire together in relation to fundamental questions of life.
Read the full story on Oak Grove School's Blog


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Weekly Video
KFA Weekly Video - May 2012
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.
Think on These Things -
East Coast Tour
think on these things east coast tour
Don't Believe Everything you Think
We are embarking on a two-week tour of the Eastern United States. Our intention is to investigate questions that are deeply important to our lives - to provide a space to explore and question, with no judgment and no desired result. Geared toward young adults between 18 and 30.
2013 Summer Study -
Intensive and Retreat
The KFA Spring Retreat
Unburdening the Mind of Psychological Conditioning that Binds and Limits Perception
Sunday, August 4 to
Sunday, August 11, 2013.
In our program, we work together to directly "see" and to render transparent those patterns of thought that create inner conflicts and confusion, and that limit our perceptual freedom.
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