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April 2013

The Krishnamurti Foundation of America May Gathering 2013  
Dear Friends,
On May 11-12 we have our next Annual Gathering, in which we inaugurate the new theme for the coming year - The Meditative MindLike last year, our program will be varied with several concurrent sessions to choose from. You can find more information on the speakers and the program by clicking here.
At the end of June we will be presenting several offerings on the East Coast - in Maine, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and Alabama. Some of these programs are public events. Click here for more information.
The publications department is preparing with a publisher a new edition of the book The Ending of Time. This re-edited edition contains some additional dialogues between Dr. David Bohm and Krishnamurti.
On April 20 the Oak Grove School is hosting the EarthPlay event, a celebration of sustainable living, global awareness, and the joy of nature. Click here for full details
Finally, the Spring 2013 Foundation Focus is now printing and will be mailed soon. Click here to view and download a PDF version of the publication
"Meditation is one of the most extraordinary things, and if you do not know what it is you are like the blind man in a world of bright colour, shadows and moving light."  
- Krishnamurti, Meditations
Jaap Sluijter,
Executive Director KFA 
The 2013 May Gathering - The Meditative Mind
The 2013 May Gathering
A complimentary gathering with speakers, dialogues, workshops, videos, music, and art -
May 11th and 12th, taking place at the Krishnamurti Educational Center (KEC) in Ojai.  
Why Reach Out?
- by Jaap Sluijter
Why Reach Out? - The Krishnamurti Foundation of America
What is the point and purpose of moving about the globe? Apart from the obvious fact that there is plenty to do at home, is it not true to say that the work in other lands is best left to those who live there?
The Spring 2013 Foundation Focus
The spring 2013 foundation focus - The krishnamurti foundation of america
The 2013 Annual Gathering in May, 2013 event schedule, updates on program events, blog stories, and much more...

A Quiet Revolution -
Oak Grove School  
A quiet revolution - Oak Grove School ojai ca
When it comes to a school full of ever-growing, ever-changing children, consideration of that space between "what should be" and "what is" gets very interesting.
Our Growth and Strength is in Your Hands 
donor profile - the krishnamurti foundation of america
Russ Wesp is one example of the many that make our work possible. We are grateful to him and those like him.
Special Event - Effortless Living - April 11, 2013
Ravi Ravindra - The Krishnamurti Foundation of America
Self-inquiry and life involve work and passionate engagement. Krishnamurti himself often emphasized the tremendous hard work which is required in any serious self-inquiry.
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Weekly Video
KFA weekly Video
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.
Ojai WordFest - April 7-13, 2013
Ojai WordFest
Ojai WordFest is an annual festival of words, ideas and stories unfolding in one of the most beautiful settings in California: the majestic Ojai Valley. This year, Krishnamurti will be a featured author for this event.
Teacher Education Program - July 21-27 
Re-envisioning Education, and  the Craft of Teaching and Learning.
Starting with the questions that we grapple with in our daily lives as educators, the program builds on the insights participants come to from their own deep looking and shared inquiry during the program.
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