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December 2012

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Dear Friends, 


The question that is with me at the closing of this year is: "What will make us change and what will bring about new beginnings?" Looking at the news it appears to me that these questions are more urgent than ever.


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"If we would change the social structure it must begin from within, not merely change from outside. We should understand the relationship of ourselves in our relationship to society, and find out whether in transforming the human mind, human consciousness basically, a new social order can come into being? The radical transformation of society can only take place when there is a radical transformation in human consciousness."

[J. Krishnamurti: Saanen  20th July 1976]


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A quiet revolution
With your support, we provide the space, the occasion, and the teachings for individuals of all ages to quietly explore.
Think on
These Things 
Think o f These Things
The aim of this initiative is to bring about moments that create a space for deeper self-inquiry, which has the potential for a creative step in the understanding of oneself. 
Krishnamurti's Insights into Education-KFA Blog 
Education as a Religious Activity - Krishnamurti's Insights into Education
Education as a Religious Activity - by Scott H. Forbes. Krishnamurti presents education as a religious activity in an age when most people still see it predominantly as preparation for succeeding in a material world.   

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Videos on Krishnamurti
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.
Theme Weekend -
Live without Conflict

KFA Theme Weekend
Is it possible to live without conflict? Theme Weekends are for people eager to inquire into fundamental questions in an atmosphere of togetherness and openness.  
Oak Grove
School's Blog

Oak Grove School's Blog Page  
Where Am I From - Oak Grove junior high students explore conditioning and self-understanding... visit Oak Grove School's blog to join the conversation.
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Timeless Change -
The 2013 Calendar
Timeless Change - The 2013 Calendar

A beautiful Calendar for 2013 with photos from Krishnamurti's good friend Friedrich Grohe, including quotes from Krishnamurti's talks

The 2013 May Gathering - Save the Date  The 2013 May Gathering
The Annual May Gathering 2013 - The Ending of Psychological Time. Save the date - Saturday, May 11 and Sunday, May 12th, 2013. We look forward to seeing you there.
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