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October 2012

This Week at Oak Grove School - October 14-20, 2012
Dear Friends, 
As you know, Krishnamurti's teachings illuminate the sacredness of our lives and the fulfillment of our human potential. The mission of the Krishnamurti Foundation of America is to inform the world of these words and to create spaces for inquiry, reflection, and community. October is the month of our Annual Appeal for your financial support to continue this important work. 
Every night on the news we see political and religious beliefs dividing the human race. In print and online we see how popular culture promotes the essence of life as buying and selling, excessive consumption, and distraction through entertainment. We see in our own neighborhoods a growing isolation, an apathy, and a diminishing of compassion. I am deeply concerned about this. 
Krishnamurti's teachings are a sane departure... He said that we are one human family, that each of us represents all of humanity and must take responsibility for it. Krishnamurti points to dignity, to an impersonal human intelligence, and to the essential dimension of life that is outside of profit and pleasure. The teachings center on education and learning, emphasizing that each one of us has to first change, and that this movement will inevitably bring about a larger change. Our world is in a critical phase and these messages need to be shared with all those who will listen, all those who will think on them. 
Please consider making a donation. Your support can accomplish a great deal - from ensuring that Krishnamurti's teachings are available around the world to educating the coming generation at Oak Grove School, from operating our vibrant Educational Center for adults to preserving these words for future generations in our Archives... much is happening and we fully intend to keep up the pace. Please click here to visit our website and make a donation. Thank you for your support. 
With gratitude,
A Quiet
A quiet revolution
Krishnamurti woke up from the dream of consciousness that we as a human family have inherited a thought-based consciousness that appears to be the result of a progression of distortions...
Observation of Oneself Through Silence is a Gift 
Observation of oneself through a place of stillness and silence is a gift.
Having this freedom to play in my childhood allowed me to fully experience the natural beauty and movement of what it was to discover and learn for myself....  
We Have Strengthened From Your SupportThe 2012 Annual appeal
It is because of generous donations from you that the school and the foundation of financially strengthened... but there is much more to do.
Hear from Development Director Jodi Grass




A Revolution in
A Revolution in Education at Oak Grove School
Like most good schools, Oak Grove prepares students to have the skills necessary to function with excellence in the world. In addition, our intent is to provide much more...
Disseminating the Teachings
KFA Publications - 2012 Appeal
 It is an honor to be involved in the dissemination of Krishnamurti's work through publications and we could not do what we do without you.
Please Donate to the 2012 Annual Appeal
The 2012 KFA Annual Appeal
With your support, we provide the space, the occasion, and the teachings for individuals of all ages to quietly explore
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