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September 2012

September 2012 Foundation Focus - KFA 

Greetings from Ojai,

We have just completed composing the new edition of the Foundation Focus, our bi-annual printed newsletter which will be mailed to all those on our mailing list. In addition to the events calendar and updates on the various activities at the Educational Center (KEC) and the Oak Grove School (OGS), this new edition contains an intriguing article by the British actor Terence Stamp describing various encounters he had with Krishnamurti. A pdf of the latest edition can be downloaded here. For the full version of our articles we created a blog which you can find here.

Several construction projects are being completed this month to improve the KEC campus, and  to enhance the rooms and facilities of the Pepper Tree Retreat. To accommodate the many visitors from out of state and from overseas, we expanded the opening hours of the Library and Pine Cottage, Krishnamurti's home.  

"Habit and meditation can never abide together; meditation can never become a habit; meditation can never follow the pattern laid down by thought which forms habit. Meditation is the destruction of thought and not thought caught in its own intricacies, visions and its own vain pursuits. Thought shattering itself against its own nothingness is the explosion of meditation. This meditation has its own movement, directionless and so is causeless. " 
- J. Krishnamurti's Notebook, p.213



The Ending of
Psychological Time
The ending of psychological time - kfa
"Thought shattering itself against its own nothingness is the explosion of meditation." The Ending of Psychological Time program delves deeply into the aspects of who we are.
The First Year - Intern Student Program Update 
KFA - The First Year:  An Update on the Intern Student Program
We have been busy pioneering and developing the new internship program... building accommodations, preparing for events, and more...  
New Books now

KFA Publications Catalogue September 2012
The 2013 Publications Catalogue is out. This season find new titles and collections, and new formats to study them.
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Weekly Video
KFA Weekly Video Quote
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.
Shattering ItselfWillem Zwart
 What does Krishnamurti mean by psychological time? And what about the practical reality of trying to inquire into these questions in the educational setting of Oak Grove School?
Think on
These Things

Think on These Things
Those precise moments - when one is reflecting after being caught off guard by a question -is the essential purpose for Think on These Things.
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Find out how Think on These Things is expanding
Meetings with a Remarkable Man
Terence Stamp and Michael Krohnen  at the Pepper Tree Retreat
Wow. This fella is a diamond, I thought, as the diminutive Indian sat down opposite me. It was Rome 1968. I was working with Fellini...
Oak Grove
Oak Grove School Facebook Page
To begin Peace Week at Oak Grove, the entire school assembled for music, play, intention, and silence
Krishnamurti Educational Center Update
Krishnamurti Educational Center Report - September 2012 - Michael Krohnen
Visitors from all six continents flocked to the premises to familiarize themselves with K's most enduring residence and to explore his teachings.
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