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July 2012

The Krishnamurti Educational CenterGreetings from Taiwan.

We are engaging with various groups in East Asia using Krishnamurti's works in retreats and public meetings in our Ending of Psychological Time program.

We also created a video impression of the Educational Center in Ojai to share its beauty and to remind us of the importance of going into a retreat. Click on the link at left to view the video. 

"In a retreat, do not plunge into something else, do not take some book and be absorbed in new knowledge and new acquisition. Have a complete break with the past and see what happens. Sirs, do it, and you will see delight. You will see vast expanses of love, understanding and freedom. When your heart is open, then reality can come. Then the whisperings of your own prejudices, your own noises, are not heard. That is why it is good to take a retreat, to go away and to stop the routine - not only the routine of outward existence but the routine which the mind establishes for its own safety and convenience."  - J.Krishnamurti, Madras 1952

Sincerely, Jaap


East Asia Summer 
Workshops 2012 
East Asia Workshops - June 2012
These events will provide an opportunity to share the teachings of Krishnamurti and interact with people around the world.  
Pepper Tree
Pepper Tree Retreat July 2012
An oasis for the mind in a peaceful setting where individuals, couples, and small groups can relax, enjoy the Ojai Valley, and establish a new relationship with life.
KFA Publications July 2012
Find a large and growing collection of Krishnamurti's works for Kindle on Amazon. 
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Weekly Video
KFA Weekly Video - July 2012
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.
Access Online Resources of the Teachings
In 2009 the international foundations came together to create a website dedicated to offering the teachings of J. Krishnamurti for free. 
The 2013 Winter
Study-Intensive Retreat
KFA Winter Study and Intensive Retreat - July 2012
Creating the Ground for a Transformation of Consciousness
January 6 to January 13, 2013
A rare opportunity to study and retreat in Krishnamurti's former home in Ojai.
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Think on These Things Video Project
Think on These Things - July 2012
What happens when you ask questions that challenge the very perspective from which we look? New videos posted.
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Oak Grove
KFA - Oak Grove School July 2012
Last month Oak Grove School honored the hard work and perseverance of its senior class. We wish them success as they begin their next adventure. 
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