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April 2012

The May Gathering

We hope you have marked May 5 & 6 on your calendar - the dates of the our Annual May Gathering. Have a look on our webpage to see the speakers and workshop facilitators for this year's event. Two authors are presenting their books: one on Krishnamurti Education and one on the first years of the Oak Grove School (OGS). 


I would like to draw your attention to the Educating the Educator program starting June 22 in Ojai. Instead of new methods and answers, together we discover new questions that transform the foundations of how we teach and parent. With activities and readings we look at conformity and freedom at home and in the classroom.    


The preparations for the Intern Student Program are in full swing. For this one-year immersion program at the Krishnamurti Educational Center, we are aiming for an enrollment of six young_adults who will study Krishnamurti and life's deeper questions. The building of their own accommodations - three portable houses - are the first projects the students will tackle. 


Oak Grove School is shining in the spring California sun. Click here to view the state of the school address by Meredy Benson Rice, Head of School. It is a heartening celebration of the achievements resulting from several years of hard work by the entire OGS community.   


I am writing this preamble from Argentina where, in various dialogues and workshops, we have been exploring the nature of psychological time and freedom. During these explorations I came upon this challenging quote which I would like to share with you:  

"...And that energy comes only when there is awareness without conflict, this awareness in which there is no conflict of any kind, just observation. And there will be conflict only as long as there is the observer and the observed, which is what is. But what is is the observer. Please don't learn phrases but see the actual fact. Then you will find that where there is the observer - the centre, the censor, the experiencer, the entity that is always creating the division between the observed and the observer - as long as there is an observer there is no freedom..." 

J.Krishnamurti, DVD, The Real Revolution 8  



Finally, please continue to support our work by contributing to our Spring Appeal. We are grateful for your help and confidence.







Re-envisioning Education - Teaching and Learning 
Re-envisioning education
The Ojai Teacher Education Program: A 9-day program for educators - June 22-July 1 - uncovering and questioning our assumptions through hands-on, minds-on experiences. 
The Annual Gathering
May 5-6, 2012
The May Gathering
Approaching Freedom - an open gathering with speakers, video, music and art. A space to explore and connect with old and new friends.
K Publications Newsletter
We strive to provide you with recommendations for must-reads in a variety of formats, along with hand-picked discounted Krishnamurti books, DVDs, and CDs for your home collection.

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Special Event - The Yoga of Krishnamurti 
Special Event - The Yoga of Krishnamurti
A two-day event with Ravi Ravindra - Friday evening and Saturday all day - April 27 & 28, 2012. 
Oak Grove
Oak Grove State of the School Address
Greetings from Oak Grove School. As spring has arrived on the campus, it seemed an opportune time to give a state of the school address... 
Foundation Focus -
March 2012 Issue
Foundation Focus
Our spring 2012 issue of Foundation Focus has mailed, and is now available online. Focusing on the May Gathering, read about the concurrent presenters and workshop offerings.  

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Think on These Things Video Project 
Think on These Things April 2012
What happens when you ask questions that challenge the very perspective from which we look? New videos posted.
Pepper Tree
The Pepper Tree Retreat
An oasis for the mind in a peaceful setting where individuals, couples, and small groups can relax, enjoy the Ojai Valley, and establish a new relationship with life.
Weekly Video
Weekly Video Quote
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.
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