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February 2012

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The first Intern Students at KEC will be arriving in a few weeks. Part of their program will be the building of the accommodation; small portable houses made from mostly recycled wood. This one-year residential program is for young adults from 18-30 years of age who have a strong interest in Krishnamurti's questions. You can find more information on this program on our website soon.

We would like to encourage those of you who are planning to come to the May Gathering, May 5th and 6th, to sign-up for the lunch online. Thank you - it makes it so much easier for us to plan and not waste food.


If you are living in New York City, save Sunday, June 17th, on your calendar. We haven't decided on a venue yet but we are organizing an event. In July we are planning workshops in the Shanghai area and Taiwan. We hope to launch the Chinese version of the panel exhibition World in Crisis in Beijing and we plan to partake in several discussions on Krishnamurti and education. We will also reconnect with our friends in Seoul.

The video quote this week is about 
Choiceless Awareness. It's hard to imagine that the root of the problems of humanity can be solved by doing less. Imagination, the compass of our life, might be inadequate when it comes to fundamental change in the human psyche. Krishnamurti wrote the following: "The self is a problem that thought cannot resolve. There must be an awareness which is not of thought. To be aware, without condemnation or justification, of the activities of the self - just to be aware - is sufficient." -The First and Last Freedom





Dialogue Groups Meeting Around the World  
Dialogue Groups around the world
All over the world groups of people are regularly getting together to screen a Krishnamurti video or listen to a talk, and perhaps to explore the dialogue process as a way to look into fundamental questions.
Teacher Education Program 
Teacher Education at the KEC
Two complimentary events for teachers and parents:
Sat, February 18 - Why do we send our kids to school? and 
Sun, March 11 - What did you ask your child today and what's your next question?
The KFA Bulletin
The printed version of the KFA Bulletin - a selection around a theme of previously unpublished Krishnamurti material - is sent out every year to donors. 
The Unconditioned Mind
It is our mission to promote and maintain the availability of the teachings of J. Krishnamurti and hope that the treasures you find there will enlighten and inspire you.
Pepper Tree
The Pepper Tree Retreat
An oasis for the mind in a peaceful setting where individuals and small groups can establish a new relationship with life.
Oak Grove
Oak Grove School
You are invited to see and hear Oak Grove Seniors' describe their adventure and reflections from India. Come to India Night, February 24, from 7:00 - 9:00PM

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Weekly Video
Weekly Video Quote
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.
The Annual Gathering - 
May 5-6, 2012
The May Gathering
Approaching Freedom - an open gathering with speakers, video, music and art. A space to explore and connect with old and new friends.
Think on These Things Video Project
Think on These Things
What happens when you ask questions that challenge the very perspective from which we look? New videos posted.
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Join the Questions and Think on These Things
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The KFA - February 2012

There are two granite statues of Nandi at the entrance to Pine Cottage. They were beautifully carved and sent from India by Mrs. Jayalakshmi, who had them carved because the original pair she wanted to give to Krishnamurti were prohibited from being exported due to their historical and cultural significance. Mrs. Jayalakshmi was an architect who lived in Chennai (Madras) where she was Krishnamurti's hostess for many years -- before Vasanta Vihar was returned to the KFI in 1975.
The Nandi Bull is a mythological creature and is Shiva's, the divine destroyer's, mount. (Each divinity has his own, specific mount.) It is traditionally placed on either side of a house, facing east, to protect it. In a traditional Hindu household, it is regularly washed, oiled, and adorned with fresh flowers. Krishnamurti, despite his aversion to tradition, was quite fond of these figures.

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