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January 2012

KFA Weekly Video - January 2012
The new year at the Krishnamurti Educational Center (KEC) is off to a running start. The eight day retreat called Awakening Awareness Through Listening is fully booked. As I'm writing, the participants are submerging themselves in a program of dialogue, watching videos of Krishnamurti and going together into the outdoors.

We have started the preparations for the next Annual Gathering. It will take place at KEC on May 5th and 6th. We chose the title Approaching Freedom to reflect tentativeness and openness, which is the spirit in which we would like to explore with you this important topic.

This month we took a "monumental" step in bringing back into print, and in the e-book format, all the 17 volumes of the Collected Works (Krishnamurti talks and dialogues from 1933 to 1967). We plan to have them for sale in April of this year. From the Collected Works, Volume 1962-63, I selected the following quote:

"Freedom is not a reaction, but rather a state of mind which comes into being when we understand reaction. Reaction is the response to challenge. It is pleasure, anger, fear, psychological pain. And in understanding this very complex structure of response, we shall come upon freedom. Then you will find that freedom is not freedom from anger, from authority, and so on. It is a state per se, to be experienced for itself, and not because you are against something."

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Teacher Education Program
Teacher Education Program
Two complimentary events for teachers and parents:
Sat, February 18 - Why do we send our kids to school? and
Sun, March 11 - What did you ask your child today and what's your next question?
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Theme Weekend
Feb 10-12
KFA Retreat November
February 10-12 - Is Total Security Real or an Illusion? Theme Weekends are for people eager to inquire into fundamental questions in an atmosphere of togetherness and openness.
Pepper Tree
Pepper Tree Retreat
An oasis for the mind in a peaceful setting where individuals and small groups can establish a new relationship with life.
Oak Grove
Oak Grove School
Oak Grove School resumes after its Winter Break, and the senior class embarks on their signature trip to India. Come to India Night, Feb 24, to hear their stories. 
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Think on These Things
What happens when you ask questions that challenge the very perspective from which we look? New videos posted.
The Annual Gathering - May 5-6, 2012 
The 2012 Annual Gathering
Approaching Freedom - an open gathering with speakers, video, music and art. A space to explore and connect with old and new friends.
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