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November 2011  

Weekly Video Quote - November
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These last 6 weeks have been full of activity both at the Krishnamurti Educational Center (KEC) and at Oak Grove School (OGS). The Theme Weekends at KEC have become a place for participants from all over the USA to meet and to have time to explore the questions of life.

OGS is in full swing. We had an Open House on November 5. Many current and prospective parents visited the school. The parents, teachers and staff this month have been looking at reward and punishment in educational practice.

Our weekly Essential Themes video this week is on the theme of relationship. It was Krishnamurti who pointed out to me that it is not in deep pondering or analysis that one learns about oneself, but that who we are is revealed in our relationships. And therefore I would like to share the following quote with you:


"...self knowledge is understood, is uncovered, its process is revealed, through relationship; that is, if you are willing to go into the question of relationship and expose yourself to it. Because, after all, you cannot live without relationship. But we want to use that relationship to be comfortable, to be gratified, to be something. That is, we use relationship based on an idea, which means the mind plays an important part in relationship. And as mind is concerned always with protecting itself, with remaining always within the known, it reduces all relationship to the level of habit, or of security; and therefor, relationship becomes merely an activity. So you see that relationship, if we allow it, can be a process of self-revelation..."  - J.Krishnamurti, On Relationship



Theme Weekend - December 9-11 
What is the Cause of Division - Theme Weekend
What is the Cause of Division? - December 9 - 11. This event is suitable for those already acquainted with the teachings as well as those fairly new to them.



Sustaining Our
2011 Annual Appeal 200 x 200
We know of the moments when we are unexpectedly drawn out of our routine, suddenly attentive to that which is already there... Help us fulfill our mission.


Oak Grove High
School Showcase
Oak Grove School
On Friday, December 2nd, from 7:00-9:00PM, Oak Grove high school students present their art and music. This celebration is free and open to the community. 



2012 Calendar
It is our mission to promote and maintain the availability of the wonderful teachings of J. Krishnamurti and hope that the treasures you find there will enlighten and inspire you.

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The 2012 Winter
Study Retreat
KFA Retreat November
This 8th annual 8-day Study-Intensive Program that is designed to provide an opportunity for a deeply immersive study and retreat.


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Weekly Video
Weekly Video Quotes
We have searched the global archives for those moments when Krishnamurti was exceptionally clear about a particular theme.



Pepper Tree
Pepper Tree Retreat
An oasis for the mind in a peaceful setting where individuals and small groups can establish a new relationship with life.



2011 Fall Foundation Focus Newsletter
Foundation Focus
Find articles, event listings, KFA department updates and more in our Fall issue of Foundation Focus.



Think on These Things Video Project
Think on These Things
What happens when you ask questions that challenge the very perspective from which we look?



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