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June 2011


New KFA Executive Director


The Board of Trustees of the Krishnamurti Foundation of America has engaged Mr. Jacob (Jaap) Sluijter as Executive Director of the KFA. Mr. Sluijter’s professional experience and his personal involvement in Krishnamurti’s work are felt to eminently qualify him to assume his new post.


Jaap Sluijter is well known to the Krishnamurti foundations. His work as head of the KFA will include the day to day running of the organization, fundraising, increasing effective communication within the Foundation itself and in association with the Oak Grove School, enhancing working team relationships with all staff, outreach to the public, and helping to develop ways to bring Krishnamurti’s teachings to as many people as possible. Jaap will be working closely with the trustees as the board continues to examine its makeup and purpose, development of programs, and fostering closer relationships with all the Krishnamurti foundations worldwide.


Jaap Sluijter succeeds Mark Lee, former executive director, and Troy Sumrall former acting Operations Manager in his post. The trustees look forward eagerly to working with Jaap Sluijter.


Best wishes to everyone,


James Paul, Chair

Board of Trustees, KFA



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We have a few places left for the 2011 Krishnamurti Summer Study-Intensive & Retreat Program.

Retrieving the Sacred Dimension and
the Natural Order of Cosmos
in Our Everyday Lives


Exploring the psychological obstacles of fear, conflict, belief and illusion that prevent us from living in the dynamic creative present.


Sunday, August 7 to Sunday, August 14, 2011


A rare opportunity to study and retreat in Krishnamurti's home in the beautiful Ojai Valley.

This is the 7th year that the Krishnamurti Foundation of America is offering this extraordinary 8-day Inquiry-Based Study-Intensive Program that was created to bring Krishnamurti's life-changing teachings fully alive and accessible.This powerful study-intensive program is for everyone interested in exploring what Krishnamurti's teachings can do for you when they are fully absorbed and understood as a vital dimension in our everyday lives.


Our program is truly a journey of self-discovery.


Our inquiry-based program gives each of us the opportunity to work together in exploring the teachings directly. We inquire together twice a day within a nurturing atmosphere of encouragement, affection and support. We are interested in applying Krishnamurti's approach of directly "seeing" and directly "listening" within the depth of our inquiries, to reach levels of awareness normally beyond the reach of our daily range of perception.


Our program allows us to tap into the deepest areas of the mind where operations take place that shape our sense of the real, yet usually remain hidden to us.

We want to expose these hidden operations so that we can become familiar with them and understand them. In this way we actually allow the unconscious mind to become fully conscious, so that we can begin to think wholistically with precision and clarity, and move beyond fear and confusion and the darkness of the shadow areas of the mind.


Through our work together, we can release these potentially transformative energies that have been trapped as conditioned mechanical responses in our unconscious mind, since childhood. The release of these vital energies occurs spontaneously as we gain a deeper understanding and clarity into what is preventing each of us from a transformation of consciousness.


We want to meet life freshly, with unrestricted energy, unburdened by the accumulation of psychological residue and conditioning of the past. Come join us for this unique, transformative 8-day residential Study-Intensive and Retreat program in the beautiful Ojai Valley and Krishnamurti's home, to inquire together in an atmosphere of affection and carrying... let us work together to birth a new mind.


Regular Tuition: $625 

College Student Scholarship Tuition: $225 
(Scholarships must be approved, contact Richard.) 

Senior Discount Tuition Fee: $425 (65 or older)


Pepper Tree Retreat (room and breakfast): $525

Local commuter participants pay just the Tuition of $625, which includes lunch and dinner.


To sign up for the program or for further details, please call Richard Waxberg, director of the KFA Study Intensives, at 805-640-0532 or email:

For further information visit the KFA website.


"The Krishnamurti Summer Study Intensive has undoubtedly changed my life. It has turned on a light which allows me to see, search, and explore myself in a way that is truly immeasurable. Certainly I have discovered a new approach, a new way to observe, and through the teachings of Krishnamurti and intense yet relaxed dialogues, new insights come to me every day. An immense energy has been released. An energy that I have been holding back for so long and was afraid to look into the reasoning of. It is of utmost importance that anyone and everyone begin this exploration to also possibly release this energy. I would highly recommend this program to anyone that I know and to anyone that has the slightest intention of looking for a change. I truly hope that a program like this should continue to be highly supported, because nothing is more important than spreading this sense of beauty that every human is capable of seeing."     ~ Aria, student


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2011 Teaching Academy 

 Friday June 17th to Thursday June 30th


The 6th Annual Summer Teaching Academy sponsored by UCSB's Gevirtz Graduate School of Education and Oak Grove School will offer a two week intensive education program in Ojai, California. The program consists of two distinct yet complementary week-long sessions and participants may choose to join one or both sessions. The program will provide grounding for both new educators and renewal for veterans in the educational field.


The program is also being conducted internationally in the UK (at Brockwood Park School in England, July 10 to 23rd), Europe, India, Thailand and other countries. See the program's home page for more details.


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Recordings of recent programs 


- February 2011 programs with Rajesh Dalal
The Mind That Meets the Problem and What Change Are We Really Looking For?
- March 2011 evening with Ravi Ravindra
- Is There Life Beyond Consciousness? Josip Pasic, M.D. Friday April 1 (with Mark Lee), Saturday April 2 and Sunday April 3, 2011
- Creative Happiness - KFA's 25th Annual Gathering
Re-envisioning Creativity: Questions and Provocations by Gopal Krishnamurthy  - Saturday May 14 (educator and director of the Teaching Academy) 
Creativity by Martha Longenecker-Roth - Sunday, May 15 (morning)
Storytelling by Derek Hook - Sunday, May 15 (afternoon)


Recent Oak Grove School events:

- High School graduation (on Facebook, video coming soon)
- 8th grade gateway ceremony
- alumni interview with OGS teacher Bo Ainsworth
- What is Learning? dialogue with UCSB professor Jason Raley, Ph.D 

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Willem at Tibet House


Willem Zwart, Oak Grove School teacher, at Tibet House in New York City, May 22 on Experiments in Transformation. See the KFA website for the audio when it is available.

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Jaap Sluijter