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February 2011


Education Center upcoming program schedule

Saturday February 26-Sunday February 27, Pine Cottage, Ojai

What Change are We Really Looking for?


A weekend retreat with Rajesh Dalal.
Dissatisfaction vs. discontent; Desire & change; The ending of becoming; Time and beyond.

Live streaming for this weekend's morning programs:

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Here is a clip of Rajesh talking about when he challenged Krishnamurti about the phrase "We are learning together."

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Saturday evening February 26th at Pine Cottage, Ojai

Video and Dialogue 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Saanen 1981 Talk #5 "Can the Brain Be Totally Free?"

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Saturday March 19-Sunday March 27 - Ojai Word Fest
KFA Exhibition: J. Krishnamurti: World Citizen, World Teacher at the Chaparel auditorium in downtown Ojai


Speakers to include Joseph Ross on Krishnamurti - the early years, and Mark Lee on Krishnamurti and Education

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Friday, April 1 to Sunday, April 3, 2011
Is There Life Beyond Consciousness?

Ojai Spring Inquiry/Retreat 2011

Josip Pasic M.D. will speak on the brain/mind dilemma; awareness; current scientific explorations into the hard-wiring of the brain; our addiction to experience; and issues of life beyond consciousnesses.

Dr. Pasic is a Chicago based psychiatrist, Krishnamurti scholar, university professor, and prolific author and lecturer.

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Friday April 15th Mark Lee will be the keynote speaker on 'Reinvisioning Education' at the Peace and Education Conference being held at Long Beach State.

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The Annual KFA Gathering will take place May 14th and 15 with Martha Longeneker-Roth as the main speaker on the 15th. She is the wife of the late Sydney Roth, producer of, among others, the K-Anderson dialogues.

The rest of the gathering activities are still being organized. Visit for updates.

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Friday May 20 - Sunday May 22nd - Dr. Jampa Yonten from Bangalore, India to do a three-day seminar on Tibetan Medicine. The topics will be Compassion as a Remedy, Mental Health and Tibetan Medicine, and The Relationship Between Body and Mind.

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Friday June 17th - Thursday June 30th 2011 Teaching Academy.


The 6th Annual Summer Teaching Academy sponsored by UCSB's Gevirtz Graduate School of Education and Oak Grove School will offer a two week intensive education program in Ojai, California. The program consists of two distinct yet complementary week-long sessions and participants may choose to join one or both sessions. The program will provide grounding for both new educators and renewal for veterans in the educational field.

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October 11th through the 14th Mark Lee will be giving a four part talk on Krishnamurti at the Krotona School in Ojai from 10am to noon each day. The tentative title is "Krishnamurti's Process and Teachings on Esoteric Subjects".


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Retrieving the Sacred Dimension and  

the Natural Order of Cosmos  

in Our Everyday Lives 


Sunday, August 7 to Sunday, August 14, 2011 


Exploring the Psychological Obstacles of Fear, Conflict, Belief, and Illusion that Prevent us from Living in the Dynamic Creative Present 


Our program is truly a journey of self-discovery 


This study-intensive program provides the maximum immersive potential for self-discovery by offering 2 penetrating dialogues each day, within a nurturing atmosphere of encouragement, affection and support. 


Through our work together, we can release potentially transformative energies that have been trapped as conditioned mechanical responses in our unconscious mind, since childhood. The release of these vital energies occurs spontaneously as we gain a deeper understanding and clarity into what is preventing each of us from what Krishnamurti called a “Transformation of Consciousness.” 


The intention of our work together is to free the mind.  


When the mind is free of its accumulated distortions, there is space in which a new wholistic dimension of awareness can enter. 


We want to meet life freshly, with unrestricted energy, unburdened by the accumulation of psychological residue and conditioning of the past.  


Areas of exploration that our program covers: 

• Can a new penetrating intelligence be born in the mind? 

• What is the source of psychological suffering & conflict? 

• Why do we experience a sense of limitation in our lives? 

• Our unexamined beliefs  

• The illusion of separation  

• Our psychological need for security 

• Is thought the only means of accessing wisdom in our lives? 

• What is the true nature of a creative mind?  

• Stepping out of psychological time  

• What is the essence of true meditation? 

• Discovering for ourselves unknown dimensions of awareness 


[for more information and comments from participants, visit the KFA web site]


• The 8 day session was a total and complete immersion into K’s living ideas. We created a community and understanding through honest and thoughtful discussion and dialogue. Most of us need a community of partners, of friends, who help us shine a light on K’s teaching, this way and that, upside down and inside out. We need people who challenge Krishnamurti’s thinking, just as K had hoped we would do, and said so many times. In our sessions, we did just that. We lovingly challenged and learned what it means to function in the world with a deeper understanding that we absorbed through K’s ideas.   

All of us underwent a fundamental change during those 8 days. None of us will be the same. We will live through observing who we are in this world, living in the present moment and watching our interactions with others. In this way each group who is fortunate enough to go through this important program will change their small part of the world. ~ Carol, educator 


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