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December 2010

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Upcoming Events at Pine Cottage in Ojai

January 9-16, 2011 - Winter Study/Intensive & Retreat


January 22, 2011 - Dialog/Inquiry


February 19-21:  "The Mind that Meets the Problem."

February 26-27:  "What Change are We Really Looking for?"

with Rajesh Dalal, educator

(further details to come)




We are in the midst of our annual appeal, and would like to thank those of you who have donated for your support of the Krishnamurti Foundation of America. Your donation goes towards spreading the work of J. Krishnamurti in the Americas and around the world. Besides educational programming at Pine Cottage here in Ojai, we operate two websites: and, a social network for those interested in Krishnamurti’s work. Along with the other Foundations, we also support a third site:, which is exclusively devoted to his teachings.

We own and operate the Oak Grove School, created by Krishnamurti and located near the Oak Grove where Krishnamurti spoke over 60 years.

The websites, the grounds, the buildings, both at the KFA and the school need care and attention. The buildings are primarily wood, which is great, with the usual ‘but’; they require a fair amount of maintenance as one would expect. Websites are free to visit, but hardly free to operate and maintain. We also keep Krishnamurti Publications active, with translations in over forty languages, preserve the Archives, and offer the Pepper Tree Retreat for individuals and small groups who want to explore a new relationship with life.

Donations are the single most critical element in our operating budget. Thank you so much for being a part of it all.

Troy Sumrall, KFA Chief Operating Officer



[from Krishnamurti's Notebook]

Notebook selection



Krishnamurti video and non-facilitated dialogue/inquiry
Saturday, January 22, 2011, 6:00 - 10:00 PM
Pine Cottage, 1098 McAndrew Rd, Ojai, California


This program starts with a video of Krishnamurti (approximately one hour), then seeks to explore the topic of the video via the medium of dialogue. With the focus on 'what is' rather than on ideas and opinions, the intention is to inquire together in such a way that new insights may occur in relation to fundamental questions of life.

Event is free with a suggested donation of $10 (all proceeds to benefit the KFA).


"This morning, if we may, we are going to have a conversation, talk over things together in a form of dialogue, to discuss, not opinions, not some kind of conclusions that you have come to, but rather go into the problems that one has, whether they are superficial or deep, and really see if we cannot radically bring about a psychological revolution in ourselves. I think it would be worthwhile and it would be also both interesting and quite fun if we could do this together." -J. Krishnamurti


"Dialogue is really aimed at going into the whole thought process and changing the way the thought process occurs collectively. We haven't really paid much attention to thought as a process. We have engaged in thoughts, but we have only paid attention to the content, not to the process. Why does thought require attention? Everything requires attention, really. If we ran machines without paying attention to them, they would break down. Our thought, too, is a process, and it requires attention, otherwise it's going to go wrong." -David Bohm


For more information, please contact Eric Hassett.



The Mind that Meets the Problem
A two-day exploration with Rajesh Dalal.
What is a problem? Space beyond creating and solving problems; Art of looking at a problem and letting the problem unfold itself; Beyond problems, beyond mind.
Saturday & Sunday, February 19th - 20th


What Change are We Really Looking for?
A weekend retreat with Rajesh Dalal.
Dissatisfaction vs. discontent; Desire & change; The ending of becoming; Time and beyond.
Saturday & Sunday, February 26th - 27th


There are also planned two evenings of dialogue in between the 2 weekends.


Rajesh Dalal is an educator and catalyst for inquiry. As a co-traveler and a friend, not as a teacher, he invites us to observe the cultural and deeper assumptions that prevent us from living a life of peace, love and creative happiness. This process opens up a radically new possibility of living a life of honesty, vitality and depth.

Rajesh directed an innovative school in the foothills of the Himalayas called "Nachiket Education Center". A German film maker made a documentary about the school which is posted here.
He was also the director of the New Forum for Education in India. And he was head of the KFI Rajghat School for a period when the school was looking at significant transitions.


All days: 10am-12pm, Talk & Questions, 4pm-6pm, Connect Session
Pine Cottage, Krishnamurti Education Center
1098 McAndrew Rd., Ojai
Accommodations: Pepper Tree Retreat



Winter Study/Intensive and Retreat, January 9-16, 2011

The program is nearly full, with space for one more female participant (due to the way the rooms work out).

There will also be a summer study/intensive and retreat program from Sunday, August 7th to 14th, 2011. 


[from Richard Waxberg, the program's director:] "Krishnamurti's sense of urgency was very real... we all must birth a new mind... a new mind that has thrown off a million years of fear, of conflict, of aggression, of suffering on every level of what has become our tragic existence on this magnificently beautiful planet. What is preventing the birth of this new mind must be understood... deeply, wholistically. We are working together to find out for ourselves... it is self-knowledge... self-discovery that will bring about the revolution in our minds. Our program sets that deep exploration into motion. Once we have entered into that deep level of inquiry, the process of exploration continues naturally on its own for the rest of our lives. We are introducing a revolution in the mind... a movement of exploration that gathers enormous energy as the old conditioned patterns are released. That releasing comes about naturally from 'seeing'... in our dialogues 'seeing' is a direct result of 'listening', they are inseparable. This is the true essence of Krishnamurti's teachings in action."