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September 2010

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Oak Grove School

Open House

Saturday, November 6th,

from 1 to 4 pm.

If you are considering Oak Grove School for your child, come and take a first hand look. Students proudly show their beloved campus to visitors and display their special projects. Faculty and staff are on hand to answer questions. Experience the special magic of this beautiful campus and see the environment that nourishes superb young graduates.

Call/email Joy Maguire-Parsons at: 805-646-8236, ext. 109; email:



2011 Krishnamurti Winter Study-Intensive
& Retreat Program

This is the 7th year that the Krishnamurti Foundation of America is offering this unique 8-day Study-Intensive Program that is designed to provide an opportunity for a deeply immersive study of the life-changing teachings of J. Krishnamurti, within a nurturing atmosphere of encouragement, affection and support. 

Our program is truly a journey of self-discovery.

January 9-16, 2011 - Ojai, CA



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Troy asked people in the Ning Krishnamurti discussion group if someone would like to create a video that tied in Krishnamurti's talks with current events today.

Here is one reply: "Kymatica focuses on human and universal consciousness and goes deeper into the metaphysical aspects of reality."


Mark Lee told of Kiran Bedi (or click here) speaking at the Krishnamurti conference in New Delhi, February 2010. Formerly India's highest ranking woman police officer. A documentary describes her efforts at reforming Asia's largest prison.

"Yes Madam, Sir, a feature documentary filmed in India over six years, is a 'David and Goliath' story. Narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Helen Mirren, the film portrays the life story Kiran Bedi, India's modern-day Gandhi, first woman police officer and the winner of Asia's equivalent of the Nobel Prize. Adored by the masses and vilified by her critics, she has publicly fought high-level corruption, feudalistic bureaucracies and brutal opposition, at great personal and professional cost."

calendar2011 Calendar coming soon. See KFA's online store.




Recent Online Videos

We’ve been busy doing a bit of programming and creative work. There are several links below:

One a seven minute video of Oak Grove 8th grade student Sophia Montano reading a chapter from Krishnamurti's Commentaries on Living….(clearly a future film star).

The others are the talk recently give by Dr. Hillary Rodrigues, 'Is Freedom From Conditioning Really Possible?' and an interview following Dr. Rodrigues' talk by Mark Lee.

Simplicity of the Heart

Simplicity of the Heart - Oak Grove School student reading from Krishnamurti's
Commentaries on Living.




Is Freedom from Conditioning Really Possible?

Prof. Hillary Rodrigues

Talk (39 min.)
Questions (45 min)

2 minute K anecdote on conditioning and time - "It takes three days..."



See recent videos from Oak Grove School at YouTube or Facebook.


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Each year Krishnamurti Publications travels to the major bookfairs in the world of publishing, including the Beijing Bookfair, where interest in Krishnamurti’s work is growing in leaps and bounds. This year, our Director of Publications, Derek Dodds, sent this story:

Real Revolution A priceless moment passed yesterday when a member of China’s police force dropped by the Krishnamurti Publications booth at the Beijing Bookfair 2010 to peruse the quotes that we had translated into Chinese and scattered all over our booth walls.
Through my Chinese translator, a young volunteer who had attended the Krishnamurti Teacher’s Training Academy in Ojai two years prior, I learned of the policeman’s desire to break free of his own conditioning, and as he was showered by K’s words a small part of him appeared to transform right in front of me.
He walked away from the booth 15 minutes later after we exchanged many thoughts and opinions about life and its deeper movements. He didn’t go empty handed though; I gave him Krishnamurti’s book
Freedom from the Known, and a look of excited exploration came over his face as he silently read K’s words while walking away. I had the feeling that my entire trip to China was of value in those moments, and the interaction gave me hope that our work at the Foundation was touching more lives than we could ever imagine.

Derek, Beijing Bookfair 2010

Krishnamurti Bookstore

Order by phone at: 805-485-0180 M-F 9-5 (PST)



Oak Grove School 2010-11 faculty and staff


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