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KFA Bulletin - 2015

The printed version of the KFA Bulletin - a selection around a theme of previously unpublished Krishnamurti material - is sent out every year to donors. (Click here to donate and receive next year's Bulletin)


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"Unconditioning & Education"

This annual Bulletin is offered to a small group of supporters and typically includes previously unpublished material by Krishnamurti. In our archives we have a great deal of unpublished content, including audio recordings, which require some work to transcribe and verify. There are some compelling materials in the vault that will one day be put into book form.

The material in this Bulletin is a chapter from a new book titled Unconditioning and Education. It contains one of the discussions Krishnamurti had with staff, trustees and parents in 1975, on founding the Oak Grove School in Ojai.

It has been a rarity in history that such an important religious and philosophical teacher be directly involved in creating schools to bring about a deep psychological change. The topics of the discussions are unusual for a school setting—bringing about a new human being, freedom versus authority, religion and a new culture, psychological change, the art of listening and how to invite trust. Changing human consciousness is the mission of the school. This implies a responsibility of the whole of humanity beyond those directly involved in the school. The vision of these teachings is truly a paradigm shift.

In these discussions Krishnamurti challenges the participants to look beyond the question of “how to”. He challenges them to drop methods and systems when it comes to creating an atmosphere where students and staff can flower together and come upon something sacred.

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