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Annual Report 2013-2014

The year 2013-2014 was full of energy and activity. There is the feeling in the air of change and re-envisioning our work. Our challenge is to make Krishnamurti’s teachings available to all age groups, different cultures, economic groups and races, and to do this we are differentiating our dissemination efforts. We have made the teachings available online for free and accessible in eight different languages. We ensure that books are in print in almost 40 different languages. We have reduced rates for college students who wish to attend our programs at the Adult Educational Center. We’ve held over 20 programs and more than 665 people stayed at our Pepper Tree Retreat for an average of 3 nights. Our outreach program held events at over 15 different locations in the USA and Asia.

We just finished developing an inquiry-based program for high school and college students, which can be used by any school. For this age group, we also created a one year residential intern program at the adult Educational Center, where five students may immerse themselves in the teachings in a communal setting.

Our whole organization met their fundraising goals and we have increased our reserves. We completed several large capital improvements at the Educational Center campus, such as adding more handicap accessible pathways and a new Events Pavilion.

Thank you all for your support financially, or as volunteers, so that we are able to fulfill this important mission.

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Annual Report 2014 OGS Annual Report 2014
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