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Yoga & Inquiry Retreat
August 18-20, 2017

Participants explore the connection between mind, body and life, through yoga and dialogue. This is an opportunity to examine Krishnamurti’s works through a refreshed lens as one engages the body and brings the full self into inquiry.

Yoga at the Krishnamurti Educational Center

Discovering the Intelligence of the Body

“You must discover for yourself whether the whole organism, the physical entity, can be aware of itself.  You may be aware of the movement of an arm, a leg or the head, and through that movement sense that you are becoming aware of the whole, but what we are asking is: can the body be aware of itself without any movement?  This is essential to find out because thought has imposed its pattern on the body, what it thinks is right exercise, right food and so on.  So there is the domination of thought over the organism; there is consciously or unconsciously a struggle between thought and the organism.  In this way thought is destroying the natural intelligence of the body itself.  

Does the body, the physical organism, have its own intelligence?  It has when all the senses are acting together in harmony so that there is no straining, no emotional or sensory demands of desire.  When one is hungry one eats but usually taste, formed by habit, dictates what one eats.  So fragmentation takes place.  A healthy body can be brought about only through the harmony of all the senses which is the intelligence of the body itself.  What we are asking is: does not disharmony bring about the wastage of energy?  Can the organism’s own intelligence, which has been suppressed or destroyed by thought, be awakened?”

– J. Krishnamurti

Yoga at the Krishnamurti Educational Center

So often, when we come together to explore life through the lens of Krishnamurti's teachings, we do so in group dialogue settings. The majority of our programming is centered around this dialogue format, giving groups the opportunity to delve deeply into a topic. Yet there are many who prefer to explore together in other ways.

When we come together and practice yoga, we explore the coordination of movement with breath. We turn our attention more deeply inwards to pay attention to the subtle movements of the body, breath and mind. We listen to Krishnamurti on subjects such as sensitivity, relationship, meditation, intelligence, and transformation. And we sit together to explore these subjects through dialogue.

These programs are not about somehow understanding Krishnamurti more deeply through the practice of yoga. Instead, they are about utilizing the practice to come into the body and begin to pay attention to it. When the body is tuned into, there is a quality of awareness and attentiveness that is brought to inquiry. This kind of attention can bring about a unique sense of openness and connection.

Program Location: Events Pavilion

Constructed in 2014 with Yoga and movement in mind, the Pepper Tree Events Pavilion is an ideal space for larger groups to meet and inquire together surrounded by stunning views of the Ojai Valley. This 1280 sq. ft. space can comfortably accommodate up to 30 Yoga practitioners.