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KFA Bulletin - 2011

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Fred Hall interviews Krishnamurti
The video below is an interview from 1975 featuring Krishnamurti discussing the intention of the school.  The transcript of this discussion is featured in this year's bulletin.


Theme: 'The School and the Educational Center'

In Malibu in 1975, Krishnamurti met with trustees and friends to consider the future work of KFA. The ensuing dialogue demonstrated his commitment to the schools: “They must go on, because the schools are intended to bring about a different mind, an intelligent, active, creative mind, unconditioned.”

We also include an interview with Krishnamurti by a local reporter about his intentions for the newly formed Oak Grove School.

“Each school should be different from the other so that it’s a creative thing, not just imitate each other. Brockwood is entirely different from the Indian schools. And we want this school in Ojai to be entirely different from the others. But they’ve all got this characteristic: that they are international, that they are non-authoritarian, non-hierarchical – the principal and then the student, and all the rest of it. It’s all together we are creating it, with the parents who take interest in the school, who come there, look at it, discuss it with us. It’s a total thing, not we start it and everybody looks on. The parents, the teachers, the older people who are interested in all this, all of us are creating this.”     [Interview on the school with Fred Hall on April 9, 1975 in Ojai]

In addition to the school, he showed how much he cared about an educational center, how hard he worked to create a place “for grownup people to gather together to discuss these teachings, go into them, live them, try to go beyond the teachings if they can.”

We have included selections from two international trustees meetings in 1977 that explore in depth what he had in mind for an adult center. And in 1984, K dictated a brief but powerful statement that has come to be titled ‘A Religious Center’.

“K’s intention is very simple. He says, ‘Come over and drink as much as you can. Investigate, tear his brain to pieces, go into it, very deeply, involve yourself totally.’ And I fear that you are saying, ‘Well, it is too much. We don’t know how.’ So, when you meet somebody at the Center who says, ‘Please, I want to go into it very deeply,’ you say, ‘Sorry, there are the teachings [the books and tapes].’ You follow? Will you be able to deal with it?...

“Don’t you, after all these years, if I may ask – I won’t use the word understand – live, delve, find, you follow? It’s like entering a mine, a gold mine and discovering more and more and more gold? – gold, jewels, it doesn’t matter, lead. [Laughs] Or are you saying, ‘Sorry, it’s too difficult for me. It is beyond me. It is impossible,’– you know, block yourself as you go, take a step and then block yourself. What am I to do? These teachings have come. The person who brought these teachings is unimportant. The teachings are important, and the teachings cover the whole field of life. Otherwise it’s not worth it. And in the past the teachings got so perverted, so sullied and made a mess of. Now it’s printed. There are original copies – cassette, videotape, etc. They can’t do anything with it. There it is. Is that all?...

“I’m going to pursue this for the rest of my life with the Foundations. Right? Not because you are special people, or I am a special person. We happen to be together. It’s happened – fortuitously or by chance, it doesn’t matter – it happened. So my job is very clear for the next ten years. Whenever we meet, I am going to push this thing. But what is your – I’m using the word now differently – responsibility, without any sense of guilt if you don’t carry out that responsibility. Guilt is washed out of it. What is your ‘dharma’? – a good word but it’s also been spoiled. What is the root meaning of that word?
RB: It really means ‘to hold, to keep, to guard, to sustain.’
K: To sustain the origin – the original – not your original, my original, or his original – the original – which means quite a different thing. So if I may use that word with tremendous hesitation – because that’s a word which is very little understood, even in India, and it’s certainly not understood in the West. That word dharma means to hold the original, without contamination...

“And the word sacred – he says to you, “This is sacred treasure. This mine where there is immense gold, it is sacred. I leave it with you. What will you do with it?”
[from the ninth meeting of International Trustees in Ojai, March 20th, 1977]


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